Using CBD Oil For Mental Health

Using CBD Oil For Mental Health

There are so many people all over the world who have a mental illness. It is becoming alarming that the increase in depression and anxiety cases doubled in the past year. The coronavirus pandemic did not help with it either, with people being cooped up in their houses for a long time as you will on this website: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/04/health/mental-health-during-covid-19-2021-stress-wellness/index.html. Meanwhile, other experts believe that the internet made everything worse. In particular, social media is often pointed to as the culprit regarding the declining mental health of the youth.

As it is becoming more of a pandemic on its own, many people are trying to look for these mental health issues. Unfortunately, it is not like any other disease that there is a corresponding cure immediately. For example, the coronavirus does not have a treatment, but it is easier to make one because of its nature. Viruses and harmful bacteria have drugs to counteract their effects, even if it takes time to discover them. Disorders like depression and anxiety are too complicated to be tackled by just a simple drug.

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The Potential For A Cure

One of the proposed cures of many people is CBD or cannabidiol. News media outlets and other media forms have already discussed it at length due to its controversial nature. For one, it is already a well-known fact that it comes from cannabis. The plant always had an epithet that goes along with it, but the most alarming one is “devil’s leaf.” What makes it controversial, and how can it help the victims of mental health problems?

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For clarity’s sake, let us start with the beginning of the entire issue with cannabis. Many historians and health experts have said that it has been included in many ancient ways of healing. Ayurveda is one of the most famous examples, as there are concoctions that do include cannabis leaf. Some religions have also used it for their religious and cultural events. Its psychoactive effects tend to be understood by the ancient people to communicate with the gods. 

Unfortunately, the modern period was not friendly towards cannabis. The prohibition era was considered the most dangerous time to own or possess any part of the US plant. It led to fines, prison sentences, and even death if you tried to run away from the law. The campaign against its use was so effective that other countries followed suit, with some being more strict about it. 

However, the century’s turn became friendlier with cannabis as some medical experts found it useful with certain illnesses. Countries like Canada and The Netherlands became poster children for a more positive response to cannabis use. However, some have stated that many people should accept only the medical side of its use. Thus, hemp became the leader in the production of what is now known as CBD or cannabidiol.

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Scientists are still studying the effectiveness of CBD to treat psychological disorders. Unfortunately, with the prohibition even in many people’s minds, most of these research studies are limited. It is also unethical to test with humans, especially if the effects are still mostly unknown. You can visit the website about CBD to learn more about it. Meanwhile, several users claim that TerraVita CBD is quite effective in mitigating the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Mental Disorders

Cannabidiol is almost a counter to anxiety in a way. For one, we all know that CBD calms the user to an extent. It is highly likely for a person to feel fear while anxious, even if the source of anxiety is not present. The compound calms your mind and creates almost an atmosphere inside your head, shielding you from the worries and troubles. It might take some time before the effects sink in, but users claim that it works.

For depression, it is a bit more tricky involving cannabidiol. However, many users claim that CBD invigorates them after being bogged down with depression. One of the most unfamiliar symptoms of this psychological disorder is the loss of energy. Resting under the influence has led to a better life for some of these people, and they can experience more of themselves better.

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There are also other psychological ailments that this drug has claimed to work. For example, some individuals who suffer from sleep disorders claim that CBD gummies for sleep helped them sleep better. The compound travels to the brain and assists the neurotransmitters in their aim to balance the system. Some have also stated that it is useful as a pain reliever since it dulls the user’s senses. Once taken, it reacts with the nerves and creates a sort of atmosphere in the brain, making it possible. 

Unfortunately, most of these claims are still not proven by science. Many doctors want to recommend CBD to their patients, but they cannot do it yet unless it concerns epilepsy. Its two rare variants are the only disorders that can be legally cured by CBD. Meanwhile, casual use of the product is limited only to some states unless the federal government makes it legal. 

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The legalization of cannabidiol and hemp may take some time before we can see it happen. There are still other aspects to be considered that might affect the outcome of the result. However, many cannabis believers are optimistic that it is going to happen in this lifetime. Once it does, it opens a new wave of research that will benefit everyone, even the casual users. 

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