Coolest Cannabis Accessories in Fashion

5 of the Coolest Cannabis Accessories in Fashion

Since the sale of cannabis products has been made legal in Canada, in 11 States throughout America and in more and more countries around the globe for recreational use, there have been lots of new devices and accessories available on the market. Not only do these products help you consume, grind, or store cannabis, some of them look pretty cool too. 

With lots of marijuana dispensaries, such as this Calgary weed dispensary, both physical and online stores have plenty of cannabis products available. With the legal cannabis industry booming at the moment, it is difficult to keep track of every new item on the market. To help you decide what cannabis accessories are worth checking out, we have combined a list of some of the best cannabis products on the market today. 
Due to the legalization of marijuana products, there has been a huge increase in the number of people wanting to experiment with the substance. The problem “newbies” face is the names of these devices might come across confusing. Things like stash storage and grinders are unknown to many people, so we will give you a brief description of what most of these products do.

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  1. Herb Vaporizer

It seems like vaping took over the tobacco industry overnight. One day everybody was smoking cigarettes and then the next day there were big clouds of fruit-smelling vape juice. Although experts are still concerned about the long-term effects of vaping nicotine products, most people who vape claim it has helped them stop smoking traditional cigarettes. 
However, not all vaporizers are designed to consume nicotine juices. There are many on the market today that are used to vape marijuana instead. You can purchase a vaporizer to consume dried herb for as little as $70, however, if you want to purchase a quailty device that looks cool and that helps bring out the best of your cannabis, consider purchasing a device for approximately $300. Sometimes cheaper models don’t allow you to vaporize cannabis properly and they tend to break easily. Although the initial cost might be slightly off-putting, the chances are you will save a lot of cannabis in comparison to rolling joints the old-fashioned way. A lot of people throw away a joint before it is complete, or sometimes keep it for later yet it rarely tastes the same. A herb vaporizer will only use a small amount of cannabis to allow it to work.

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However, there are a few downsides to herb vaporizers such as:

  • They can break easily: If you drop your device on a solid surface, the chances are it will break. Most people who own a portable vaping device have had issues with their vaporizers. Replacing broken parts on the device can prove extremely challenging. With so many vape products on the market, very few dispensaries stock spare parts.
  • Cleaning: To get the most for your cannabis, you will need to clean the vape on a regular basis. The chamber where the bud is placed gets dirty over time which needs to be cleaned. Plus, the mouthpiece, especially if more than one person is using the device, needs to be sanitized. 

You can find lots of different vaporizers on the market that look great. Some are made of stainless steel that appears elegant while others are made from plastic or rubber, covered in graffiti. Whatever your style is, you can be sure there is a vape that will fit.

  1. Rolling Papers

Before cannabis was legalized, most stores stocked rolling papers for rolling tobacco. Although these products did the job, they were not ideal for rolling marijuana. A lot of folks felt that these papers were too thick, which not only affected the taste of the weed but it could also hurt the person’s throat, making the experience less enjoyable. 

Nowadays, there are all different sorts of rolling papers on the market. Papers for rolling joints tend to be a lot thinner than papers designed to consume tobacco. Some are made from 100 percent unbleached hemp with natural gum. Some are different colors, and some are even transparent so you can see the cannabis while you smoke. You don’t have to worry about the glue not sticking or the paper tearing.

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Cannabis rolling papers are lightweight and portable. Some of the packaging looks really good too, however, you might want to consider where you are going to store it before you go out. If you keep the papers in tight jeans, you can expect them to get damaged. If you have a large wallet, consider storing the papers inside it. For more information on rolling papers, check out Canna Cabana

  1. Cool Lighters

Even before cannabis was made legal, people around the world have had a fascination with lighters. Lighters like the famous Zippo have been in Western movies for years, making them a popular fashion accessory, even for those who don’t smoke. 
The most popular lighter in the cannabis world is, without doubt, is the infamous “BIC” lighter. Not only do many marijuana dispensaries stock these lighters, but many normal stores do too. You can easily refill the lighter with gas, and they are both durable and dependable. These have been in fashion for many years, not just because they are reliable and affordable, but because they come in all different designs. You can even get cannabis-themed BIC lighters.

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However, BIC lighters are known to go missing. To avoid this from happening, perhaps investing in a lighter leash might prove worthwhile. You lock the leash on your trousers and attach the lighter to the end. Your friends will struggle to steal your lighter in the future without you knowing!

  1. Eye Drops

If you have spent the afternoon consuming some of your favorite cannabis, there is a good chance that your eyes look red. Not everyone wants the world to know that they are using marijuana, and bright red eyes are normally a strong indication. There are lots of different eye drops on the market, and they are available in a variety of different cooling strengths. You can use these drops regularly, without having to worry about causing damage to your eye. 

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If you have a business meeting or you are going to socialize with friends, red eyes can make you look tired and stoned. Eye drops normally come in small containers, which makes them portable. Eye drops don’t cost a lot of money and are widely available in most pharmacies.

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  1. Storage 

If you have spent a lot of money on cannabis or you have nice growing Runtz seeds that you are worried about losing, you will need something to help protect your stash. There are lots of different stash containers available, some that are smell proof and others that are waterproof. Some stash storage containers are designed so that others won’t realize you are storing cannabis. Things like fake coca-cola cans that have a hidden compartment to store marijuana are very popular items. 

Some of these storage devices are small and slick, making them easy to bring out with you. If you are looking for a stash box that keeps your marijuana fresh, make sure it seals properly. If you can’t find one, perhaps using an old coffee jar will work. If you plan on keeping your weed potent and smelling great, it is vital that the storage you use doesn’t allow any air inside.

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