Is Vaping Just a Fashionable Accessory or Strong Addiction

Is Vaping Just a Fashionable Accessory or Strong Addiction?

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression at a particular time, place, and in a specific context. However, everyone has his or her specific style, which is seen through any outfit that a person wears despite fashion. Talking about clothes, it is all quite clear. However, when it goes to accessories, especially to those, which have certain functions, we are all quite lost.

For example, a couple of years ago, fidget spinner – a toy for stress reviling – has become enormously popular. In fact, it was introduced to society as anti-stress means for office workers but a huge wave of fame came to it within the schools in the United States and other countries. Schoolchildren went crazy about the toy and it captured the market.

Is Vaping Just a Fashionable Accessory or Strong Addiction

The other glaring example is a vape pen. The device firstly developed as an innocent substitute for cigarettes has won all hearts. Different types of vape pens (go to the website) continue to be on the top in the list of modern hobbies even after the scientists proved they are not harmless. Because the device has become trendy, the outer look of a vape pen is as important as its functions.

Unfortunately, even though the tremendous popularity, not all people understand what vape is and how it influences their life and health. They see it just as a nouvelle device like iPhones used to be. The question is whether a vape pen is simply a fashionable habit that will bite the dust in a couple of years, or it is a strong addictive that more and more people get bogged into.

What is the Vape Pen Technically?

A vape pen is a device that allows consuming nicotine or other substances, which are usually smoked in the western world. Often other flavors are added into the substance (peppermint, apple, cinnamon, bubble gum, etc). Technically, the device consists of some parts hidden in the body frame (battery, tank, atomizer) and a mouthpiece.

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A battery makes the device work. Most of the modern devices are rechargeable, which means that you can literally charge it just as you do with your smartphone.

The tank is a special container, where you pour your e-liquid and where it remains until it is heated by atomizer enough to be evaporated.

An atomizer contains a special wire which takes the energy from the battery and heats the e-liquid, which makes it transform from a liquid into vapor.

Is Vaping Just a Fashionable Accessory or Strong Addiction

A mouthpiece is the part of the device that you put into your mouth and get the vapor through it. The size and form of a mouthpiece make the difference in the amount of vapor you get.

The best vape pens as for now are considered to be vape mods and pods with the help of which you can evaporate not only e-liquid but other substances as well. For example, many of those, who take recreational marijuana, has changed to vape pens now.

What Makes a Vape Pen Fashionable?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, fashion is tightly connected to the current context and contemporary mood of society. Therefore, vape pens are fashionable as far as people use them. Trends are usually set by famous people and we can make ourselves sure that more and more celebrities start using vaping devices. It goes back to a decade ago when Leonardo DiCaprio used one of his vape pens during official ceremonies, and the other when resting at the beach.

Nowadays, the design of vape models varies and people can choose special cases for these devices as well. This makes us suppose that for many people a vape pen is not just a thing to entertain but a part of an everyday look as well. Various designers also use vape pens during their shows or include the best vape pen into an advertising photo shoot. Musicians and artists also use the power of vaping’s popularity for their own purposes.

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Is Vaping Just a Fashionable Accessory or Strong Addiction

However, it has been more than ten years since vape pens have become popular. High-waist jeans, for instance, have had a chance to become a hot trend and to disappear from the most trendy shops. Fashion trends have been changing during these years, but vape pens are still on the top. Here comes the question if the devices are really a part of fashion or it is a simple world’s obsession and overreaches themselves try to cover the addiction with a nice word ‘trend’.

Is Vaping Addictive?

The thing with vaping is that people cannot understand if it is addictive. The most popular argument is that if you use nicotine-free e-liquid, you have no chance to become obsessed with it. On the other hand, all people who have successfully vaped know that feeling of interest and lust to try more. Isn’t that the addiction?

In fact, despite presented as a saver, vape pens have become an obstacle to a sober life. The proofs by doctors, public officials, and scientists that lung damage, heart disease, diabetes, brain alterations can be caused by vaping devices bewildered those who use nicotine-free e-liquid.

The fact that the content of e-liquid differs from the cigarette is both an advantage and a con. The point that tobacco is not being burnt within the process of vaping is, no doubt, beneficial: no tar, no tobacco addiction, no deforestation, etc. The decline in cigarette use has many positive sides for a single person and humanity in general.

On the other hand, the chemicals contained in the e-liquid might contain heavy metals, cancerogenes, sometimes nicotine, etc. These constituents of the liquid make everyone think of the possible harm. If fact, the research proves that vape pen usage might cause plenty of unpleasant outcomes. You do not need to use tobacco or nicotine to get addicted.

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Is Vaping Just a Fashionable Accessory or Strong Addiction

The main point is a psychological habit to have something in your mouth, to spend the break puffing with friends, to enjoy a favorite flavoured e-liquid before breakfast, or to cope with stress by puffing for a while. Specialists in behavioral psychology claim that people need some distraction to cope with addiction. When they move from a cigarette to a vape pen, almost nothing changes and it is easy. If they moved to, say, drawing, horse-riding, kayaking, and so on, it would have taken more time to quit, but the effect would have been more transparent.

To sum up, it is important to distinguish between the things that might décor your outlook (necklace, fancy-bag, or high heeled shoes) and the things we cannot raze from the mind.

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  1. Vaping is an help to quit smoking, but the ideal affair is not to smoke at all!

  2. @xersex
    Indeed: the ideal affair is not to smoke at all, cause with vaping you’re changing the addiction & it gives also a bad skin

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