How to Look Better: Guide for Sophisticated Men

How to Look Better: Guide for Sophisticated Men

Studies show that attractive people tend to achieve more than those with below-average looks. 

Just a few apparent benefits of having aesthetic appeal include:

  • earning 3 or 4 percent extra 
  • bringing more money in for employers (particularly in sales roles)
  • being seen as more desirable to interact with by potential partners, clients, and employers

However, experts believe this could be because attractiveness is closely related to self-esteem: if you know you look good, you’re more likely to emanate an air of confidence, which can be appealing.

And making an effort to look more stylish could pay off too. One study found that well-dressed participants performed better in mock buying and selling negotiations than those in shabbier outfits. 

That’s because dressing well can inspire confidence and improve the way people perceive you. 

But HOW can you make yourself look better and cultivate a more sophisticated appearance? 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a few simple tips for the modern man.

Consider a hair transplant 

Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of. It affects around two-thirds of men by the age of 35, even if only in a minor form, and more than 80 per cent of men will have some thinning hair by the time they hit 50. 

At certain clinics, hair transplant prices are more affordable than ever before, so you should be able to find quality treatment to suit your hair loss.

If you’re self-conscious about your own hair loss (even the development of a mature hairline), a hair transplant will restore natural growth. 

How to Look Better: Guide for Sophisticated Men

One treatment is enough to achieve impressive results (in the majority of cases), and the latest techniques cultivate a seamless look for maximum discretion. 

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The best way to find out how a hair transplant could help you is to book a consultation with an expert. 

Improve your posture 

When you walk into a room, you want people to notice you. You want them to listen to what you have to say, and to believe you’re a sophisticated man who commands respect. 

But if you amble into said room with your shoulders hunched and your head lowered, do you think you’ll capture everyone’s attention? 

Probably not. 

But if you make a grand entrance with your back straight and your chin up, people may just assume you’re as important as you appear to be. 

Good posture can:

  • make you look taller
  • make you appear more confident
  • create a stronger presence 
How to Look Better: Guide for Sophisticated Men

Here’s how to improve yours:

  • keep your feet shoulder width apart
  • lift your chest
  • keep your shoulders back
  • pull in your abdomen 
  • balance your weight on both feet (avoid slouching on one side)

Exercise more to keep your body healthier and conditioned

One of the most effective ways to look better is, sadly, also one of the most challenging: exercising more.

That may or may not be practical, depending on your physical condition. But performing more exercise suited to your personal capabilities can:

  • help you lose weight
  • give you a more toned physique 
How to Look Better: Guide for Sophisticated Men
  • make your clothes fit better (especially suits)
  • boost your confidence 
  • reduce your risk of developing various common health conditions

But it’s crucial that you find an activity (or activities) you genuinely enjoy — you’ll be more likely to stick with it over time. 

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If you force yourself to go to the gym or for a run three times a week, and hate every single minute, you’ll probably quit before you start to see real benefits.

If your budget allows for it, consider hiring a personal trainer, even for just one session. They’ll create a tailored workout plan for you, based on your goals. 

Take good care of your skin 

Investing more money and time into your skin can help you look better. 

How to Look Better: Guide for Sophisticated Men

Fortunately, men have more skincare products to choose from than ever. And with the men’s skincare market valued at more than £119m in the UK alone, you’re certainly not alone in wanting to look after your skin. 

A good moisturiser is a must. Choose one suited to your skin type (i.e. dry skin, oily skin) and use it daily. 

This will keep your skin soft and supple over time. It’ll also reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, both of which tend to be more visible on dry skin.

And if you find yourself brushing unsightly flakes of dry skin off your shirt multiple times a day, moisturising will help to make that a thing of the past. 

Be more willing to experiment with colour

It’s tempting to wear the same colours over and over. A grey suit, a black T-shirt, blue jeans, black shoes. 

You might feel confident in them because they’re “safe”, but you could be missing out on the chance to introduce extra flair and sophistication to your wardrobe. 

Vary your colours to add texture to your look. For example, experiment with pastel-coloured shirts to enliven your smart or smart-casual outfits. They’ll help you stand out during meetings, and tell people that you have the confidence to wear colours other men may not. 

Looking good, confident, and sophisticated can seem like a LOT of work. So, take your time: start with a few small adjustments (new clothes, better posture) and work your way up to bigger changes (exercise, hair transplants, etc.) as your confidence grows. 

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This might mean going outside your comfort zone, but it’ll be worth it if you find a look that makes you feel better about yourself. 

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