The Characteristics of Successful Artists

The Characteristics of Successful Artists

Many people indulge in some form of art as a hobby or a pastime. This could mean picking up a guitar and occasionally having a jam session with mates, using a sketchbook, charcoal drawing, or decorating a wall graffiti style.

For many people, art in one form or another represents relaxation, self-expression, and sometimes escapism. And if that is so, then many take that skill to the next level and make their artistic flair and passion their life and their career.

So what is it that makes somebody an artist? The perception is that it takes a certain type of person to become an artist – but is that perception entirely true?

Artwork by Baddiani

Art is a gift

In truth, art in whatever form it comes – be it music, painting, sculpture, or performing or visual art – is a gift. It is also true for those who know an artist that it is sometimes difficult to reward that gift-giver. Discounts for artists and special gifts for those with an artistic bent can be found at gifts for artists.

Are artists actually different from non-artists? Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of artistic people.

wood fashion man people.
Photo by Lean Leta on Pexels.com

Artists are not afraid to express themselves

Whatever form of expression art takes, the artist acts as a channel for something inside them and is not afraid to express what they are seeing or feeling internally. This is something of a paradox, as many artists are known to be quite the opposite – introverted and sometimes self-critical – when not performing.

It would seem that artistic expression takes a person out of themselves, and in so doing, permits them to act as a channel or conduit in creating their artistic work.

International Top Model Simon Nessman edited and graphically done by Fashionably Male
International Top Model Simon Nessman edited and graphically done by Fashionably Male

Artists observe the world around them

Whether it is a conscious or an unconscious act, an artistic person is by nature an observer. Artistic people tend to have an awareness of the world around them, and they ‘feel’ it and absorb it as they take in their surroundings or their situation. In that sense, the artist is not unlike a sponge – the ability to observe and record gives the artist the impetus or creative spark which they then channel.

Artists are often self-critical

Perhaps this is an extension of the tendency of the artist to be an observer. In the same way that an artistic person observes and records elements of the world around them, they similarly observe and note their own performance. This ability can be both a gift and a curse. Seen in a positive light, the tendency for artistic people to self-criticize permits them to develop and grow their art. 

The downside of this ability to self-reflect is that being overly self-critical can lead to a lack of confidence in the artist’s ability and, ultimately, performance anxiety. 

Successful artists are resilient

There is an old saying which goes, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight”. The successful artist possesses this quality – the ability to endure setbacks and failures. When this natural ability is coupled with the trait of positive self-assessment, an artistic person becomes capable of shaping and growing their work. 

One might say that an artist is unafraid of failure; however, the truth is that many artistic people actually do worry about failing. What makes the difference is that they possess the courage and drive to stand up and try again after they fall.

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