4 Care Tips for a Kingly Beard

4 Care Tips for a Kingly Beard

Most men can grow a beard, and many more have been doing so after the events of the last year forced us to stay indoors. Getting a gentleman’s beard takes more than just growing it and styling it. A kingly beard needs quite a bit of care so as not to look unkempt or scraggly. Here are some ways to keep your beard in prime condition.

Use Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Both beard oil and beard balms can be used as each their standalone product, but they produce significantly better results when used in conjunction with each other. Beard oil functions as a conditioner for your facial hair as well as a moisturizer and softener for the skin beneath your beard. 

4 Care Tips for a Kingly Beard

Beard balm provides you with all the moisturizing and softening effects of beard oil, but with added strength. This makes beard balm an ideal choice for men who need to tame their beard and to help keep their beard in the same style throughout the day. The best beard balm and oils are made from all natural ingredients and they often have a subtle fragrance.

Exfoliate the Skin Beneath Your Beard

The skin beneath your beard is just as important as the hair that adorns it. Always keep it clean by using regular face cleansers. Beard washes aren’t necessary, as this is more a matter of cleaning your skin than cleaning your beard. 

4 Care Tips for a Kingly Beard

Beard dandruff is real and very unsightly. In order to avoid this, it’s important to exfoliate the skin beneath your beard for two to three times a week. By removing dead skin cells, you help healthy skin cells absorb nourishment from your beard oils and balms. This is especially important during the winter, because your skin tends to be much drier during cold months.

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Regular Trimming

Once you’ve grown your beard to the desired length, keeping it at that particular length is really easy as long as you employ a bit of precision with how you trim your beard. Measure your beard with a ruler and pick a trimmer guard that’s slightly shorter than your measurement (your beard will grow into the desired length anyway). Don’t forget to keep your cheeks and neck clean for added definition. These subtle details make a huge aesthetic difference. 

4 Care Tips for a Kingly Beard

Cover Your Basic Needs

It’s also important to ensure that you’ve got basics such as eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep are covered. A healthy, balanced diet not only facilitates beard growth, it also strengthens your beard’s strands. On the other hand, sleep is necessary for the repair and rejuvenation of hair cells. A lack of sleep impedes beard growth because hair is unable to repair itself. 

  1. Luis K.

    I always use the oil you mentioned in the article and I love it, the best thing ever.

  2. Great tips i have not shave since pandemic, but I’m always trimming.

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