How to Trim A Beard

How To Trim A Beard

Good beard care and grooming takes time and effort. Unfortunately, some guys who choose to grow out their beards are typically going with the thought that leaving it alone is the best way to ensure maximum growth. While you want your beard to grow out thick and full, it is important to trim your beard to actually maximize growth.

To help you properly maintain and groom your facial hair, check out this guide to learn exactly how to trim a beard.

Determine Your Hair Type

Beards come in all shapes and sizes. Some are full and short while others are long and thin. Before picking up the scissors, begin researching different hair types because grooming your beard isn’t like manscaping.

How To Trim A Beard

While a head of hair may not be curly, a beard might grow with some beautiful spirals. Knowing this information about a beard helps to know how to find products that suit those needs.

Trimmers and styles are dependent on the hair type, so don’t go out and buy tools unless the beard hair type is determined.

No matter the hair type, ensure that hairs are not unnecessarily trimmed. Snipping hairs that are too short can lead to ingrown hairs as the follicles are not fully grown. 

Select Your Tools

After the final assessment, it is time to find tools that are suitable for each beard type. Just because a certain razor or trimmer is known as the best doesn’t mean that it will be the best for everyone’s needs.

How To Trim A Beard

To find an excellent electric razor, you’ll need to look at reviews of beard trimmers for stubble from sites like MensHairstylesToday.com. A high-quality trimmer is for those who are looking to take their at-home beard trimming to the next level.

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Feeling lost during the process is normal, consult a barber to find out what the best option is. A barber can even provide insight into the best tools for specific needs and even do a consultation to talk further about what the style.

Talking to a trained professional will open up options for different shavers instead of finding the one at the grocery store that is the cheapest. 

Choose Your Beard Style

Now that you have found the perfect tools and learned all about your beard hair type, it is time to determine which style is the best fit. It can be tempting to look at photos of other men’s beards and say, “I want mine to look like that”.

How To Trim A Beard

The person on the other side of that photo may have thin hair, so they’re style is going to play on the kind of beard he can grow. For those who have thick, coarse beard hair, some styles may not look the same as they do on others.

Additionally, face shape has a huge part to play in the way a beard is going to look on an individual. People who have defined chins typically go with a shorter look that allows them to show off their feature. Others, who are looking for a stylish fade, have a completely different method to getting the look than the one with the chiseled chin.

Start Trimming

The first thing to remember is that hair grows back, it doesn’t come out as intended, wait a few weeks and try again. Select a guard based on the desired length and get to shaving.

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For a short cut, choose to go without a guard or go against the grain. When deciding to go against the grain, know that it may result in bumps and irritated skin.

How To Trim A Beard

Now, for the neckline. There are a few methods to choose from to complete this task. There is a defined contrast between the neck and face which is the look that has been used for years.

A tapered look that fades into the neck is popularizing and requires a bit more skill with the shaver to pull off. Both looks are fresh and unique, so either is going to turn into a staple for years to come.

Remember The Mustache

The classic mustache is a simple way to get a look that translates through time. Shaving a mustache is easier and much less time consuming than styling an entire beard.

When going in, be very careful as to cut the lip when getting a close cut. A general rule of thumb to keep it from obstructing the lips is to trim just above them to ensure everyday comfort.

How To Trim A Beard

All that is needed to do this is keeping a neutral face during the trim and lightly grazing the lips as it cuts down the mustache.

Soothe Any Irritation

After all of this trimming and shaving, the skin may look red and bumpy. Luckily, that is normal and most men have to do some sort of soothing treatment for it to subside.

Exfoliating the area on a regular basis gets rid of all the extra dead skin and avoids that part of the face from drying up. Once done, use a moisturizer that is gentle on the skin to calm down any dry patches. If there are still dry patches, use a spray including aloe and tea tree oil.

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Both of those natural ingredients are known for making the skin calm and moisturized. 

Use A Good Beard Wash and Shampoo

Now, comes the fun part. There is nothing better than being finished with a clean shave and taking out fun products that help it continue to look stunning.

Beard washes are one of the most effective ways to ensure the beard hair health is in top shape. Using a hair shampoo works, but not nearly as well as a beard wash. For maximum hydration, use beard oil after to ensure that facial hair doesn’t dry out.

For one final way to make the beard look its best, use a beard balm to keep your face moisturized and conditioned all day.

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