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Fashionably Male Mag Presents Pride Edition 2021

For the first time, after planning it, Fashionably Male Presents Pride Edition 2021.

These images of 8 models represents beauty, charisma, talent, hard work, and dedication. Pride is not only big events or merchandise, its about inclusivity, its about respect. If we want respect for our community, let’s give respect back to all people, respiring their ideals, respect their minds, respecting their points of view.

˝This Pride Edition 2021 is dedicated to our community. A community that needs to put an example for a current generation that is not scared anymore, but needs unity.˝


We admire every personality, just like the powerful pictures of Spanish couple Jonathan and JosDavo photographed by Joan Crisol, included and interview.

Josdavo & Jonathan by Joan Crisol for FM Pride Edition 2021

Photographer Joan Crisol @joan_crisol 
Models Jonathan Guijarro @jjonathanguijarro
JosDavo @josdavvo

then I’m glad to know Carter Wilson with photography by Tom Cullis you can read an interview too.

Carter Wilson by Tom Cullis for FM Pride Edition 2021

Photographer Tom Cullis @tomcullisphoto
Talent Carter Wilson @carter___wilson

Then we have the stunning pictures of George Cobian presenting for the first time Swimsuit Collection COBIANC. Campaign shot by MDZ Management.

George Cobian for FM Pride Edition 2021

Photographer MDZ Management @mdzmanagement
Model George Cobian @gerrgerc__ 

The hunk on demand we cannot miss is fitness model Marat in photography by Stas Vokman.

Marat by Stas Vokman for FM Pride Edition

Photographer Stas Vokman @stas_vokman
Talent Marat @marat.ladiga

Italian photographer Alisson Marks presents fitness model Luca.

Luca Maurino by Alisson Marks for FM Pride Edition 2021

Photography Alisson Marks @alissonmarks_photographer
Model Luca Maurino @luca_maurino

And we’ve finished with the fashion minimal presentation of Brazilian model Pedro Salazar in pictures by beloved friend Victor Lluncor.

Pedro Salazar by Victor Lluncor for FM Pride Edition 2021

Photography Victor Lluncor @victorlluncor
Model Pedro Salazar @pedrosalazarprimo_

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  1. Leonard Serge

    The best selection of hunks for a magazine.

  2. Shaun T.

    Great spectacular content!

  3. This is the best magazine for male models only, never seen this kind of presentation before.

  4. Jake Milan

    Marat super recommended doing fitness!

  5. Kevin Lopez

    George Cobian looks super sexy in the editorial, I got it yesterday and he’s super hot.

  6. Sharon G.

    Jonathan and JosDavo, super sexy, hot guys

  7. Helen J.

    The interview of Carter is amazing, he’s super adorable.

  8. Ruli Stevez

    Unique magazine with great content from super sexi boys

  9. Ramiro Delgado

    The best feature is from Pedro by Victor, I’m here for it.

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