Here's What Your Car Says About Your Sense Of Style

Here’s What Your Car Says About Your Sense Of Style

There is an almost even split between male and female drivers on the roads these days, but 66 percent of all car enthusiasts are men, according to Anthony Thomas Advertising. The vast majority of vehicles are marketed to men, and for good reason. Aside from extending a man’s travel capabilities, they also exude his style and personality as much as any of his outfits can. Just like sports show off a man’s physical prowess, your choice of vehicle gives the world a glimpse of your personal style. The three most common car archetypes that guys drive show just how this comes to be.

Here's What Your Car Says About Your Sense Of Style

Legendary and classic cars

If you’re even slightly versed in the world of cars, the sight of a ‘67 Chevy Impala or a Lamborghini Miura will invoke unique feelings that belong to a bygone era. Driving a classic car conveys that you have a particular attachment to that period of history. Whether it be for the bolder designs of yesteryear, as an homage to the spirit of the decade, or simply because you saw it in a movie you really like, preferring vintage rides over modern ones is a bold statement. It’s similar to wearing clothes that are slightly out of style, but are instantly recognizable.

Here's What Your Car Says About Your Sense Of Style

Think Michael Jackson’s iconic leather jackets, or YouTuber ReportOfTheWeek’s insistence on wearing a suit and tie everywhere. Just like those clothes, classic cars are not a common sight these days, so they’re sure to turn some heads. And unless they’ve been refurbished, they often have this worn and weathered look that tells a story with every scuff. Riding along in one of these timeless vehicles shows that there are some parts of history that you simply cannot help but keep alive, and that alone is something to respect.

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Sleek utilitarian econoboxes

Nothing says no-nonsense like the modern fuel-efficient econobox. Whether it’s a new or used car, an econobox can be a worthy first car. And with proper care, they can remain worthy for years. They’re cheaper, lighter, and come with lower insurance premiums than most vehicles. A ride like this tells all who can see that you don’t need anything fancy to get to A to B, but you’re no pushover either.

Here's What Your Car Says About Your Sense Of Style

Many of these affordable powerhouses can throw down with sports cars, with their lighter weight but similar aerodynamic build. In fashion terms, the closest analogs would be your average white-collar working man in a crisp polo and slacks, or a guy who can dress smart without being too showy. In a similar vein, these cars are far from flashy, but they don’t play around either. 

Pickups and other large cars

The obvious jeer to level at someone driving an oversized pickup is that they are apparently overcompensating. But not every car of this type is cartoonishly big, and that’s an overplayed, low-hanging heckle anyway. Guys who drive pickups can be strong, silent, blue-collar workers with can-do attitudes and simply get things done. Or they can be the helpful friend who’s always there to give you a hand when you need to move heavy things. Or maybe they simply enjoy driving their truck out past city limits, lay on the flatbed and look at the stars. It can go a lot of different ways, but the bottom line is that more often than not, guys who drive this type of car appreciate the simple things in life.

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Here's What Your Car Says About Your Sense Of Style

Things like cold beers, nature’s quiet, and vehicles that have as much utility as possible. They can dress simply and see absolutely no problem with that choice. A lot of the time, they even look good doing it. They rock plaid shirts, tank tops, hoodies and blue jeans, and no one can tell them otherwise.
As with any outward indicator, cars aren’t the end-all, be-all of a man’s entire being.

But just as clothes make the man, his car serves as a barometer for how he chooses to interact with the world, and how he wishes the world to perceive him. 

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