Internet Gambling Among Teens and Students in 2021

Internet Gambling Among Teens and Students in 2021

Online gambling is gaining more and more popularity every year. The days when people could only buy lottery tickets, play in real casinos and bet on sports games are gone. Today, Internet gaming became a huge industry with nearly 10 million active users and its estimated value is over $30 billion.

Moreover, playing in online casinos is one of the most popular pastimes among students and teens now. Thus, in this article, we will take a look at how the gambling industry affects young people and how to avoid all of the unwanted consequences. So, let’s start. 

Gambling and Teens

The ESPAD research on the popularity of online gambling among young people shows that playing for money has become a popular activity among European youth. 22% of respondents reported their experience of gambling at least once in the last 12 months. According to estimates, 7.9% of students also played for money on the Internet during this period. 

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Over the last two decades, mainly due to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, gambling has become more accessible for children. Ease of registration on websites allowed schoolchildren to bypass restrictions and play for real money. Unfortunately, it always ends badly. Teenagers can steal money from their parents and use their credit cards to gamble. 

Gambling and Students

Online casinos are also very common among students. The high tuition fees at college and the inability to work full time force them to look for extra income. Students can easily find this https://casinosterson.com/1-dollar-deposit-casinos/ or any other list of the best online casinos with low deposits and start winning real money. Most students gladly accept such terms, when paying only $1 can lead to winning a few hundred or even millions of dollars. In addition, casinos constantly offer various bonuses, which also attract young people.

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Thus, millions of students from around the world play at online casinos regularly. And this is not surprising. After all, the promise of quick money and the opportunity to hit the jackpot are very attractive.   

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Negative Consequences of Gambling 

Both high school and college students can experience problems after playing online games. The main consequences of gambling addiction include material, social and psychological problems:

  1. Material problems — addiction can lead to huge debts or even encourage the commitment of crime, in order to obtain money for the game.
  2. Psychological problems — as the addiction develops, the player becomes more and more self-absorbed and more distant from the reality around him.
  3. Social problems — playing online plunges people into another world, a world of excitement, euphoria, and fantasies of success. The consequence of this is social isolation, estrangement from family, friends, and society in general.  
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How to Prevent Possible Troubles?

First of all, it is necessary to recognize the development of gambling addiction. This can be done by paying attention to the following signs:

  • Need to gamble, using more and more money to achieve a pleasurable nervous excitement
  • Feeling of annoyance when attempting to limit or stop gambling
  • Inability to control and stop playing
  • Constant focus on games
  • Desire to win back losses
  • Damaging personal relationships, loss of family, jobs, and educational aspirations due to gambling

If at least some of these signs have been noticed, it is necessary to help such a person. This is especially important when it comes to helping children because they can’t overcome addiction on their own. The main thing is to show support and convince an individual to start a professional treatment. Psychologists will be able to find a suitable therapy and reduce the level of addiction after a few consultations.

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The online gambling industry will gain more and more popularity in the future and we have to deal with this. Moreover, a lot of countries start legalizing and supporting internet casinos too. As a result, such actions lead to an increase in the popularity of gambling among young people.

Internet Gambling Among Teens and Students in 2021

Nowadays, the problem of gaming addiction among teenagers and students is not so dramatic. Students are able to control their actions and avoid any problems. Also, new technologies help parents to monitor their children and prevent gambling activities. Of course, it’s really difficult to reduce all the negative effects of gambling’s popularity. However, casinos themselves can significantly change the situation in a positive way, by tightening the rules of age and banking verification.

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