Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

A leather jacket for men needs no introduction. Men’s leather jackets are a great choice to enhance your fashion and channel your inner style without any hassle.

Human beings have been using animal skins to protect themselves in the cold, however, leather jackets became prominent during World War 1 for all the right reasons. They are warm and insulated, making them a perfect choice for pilots flying at high altitudes. 

What is a Leather Jacket

If you are into fashion for even a bit, you already know the significance of a leather jacket in your closet. They have an unmatched power to evoke charm, romance, and confidence in young men – all at once.

Featuring a tanned leather boxy profile, leather jackets are donned over other apparel depending on the event. They are typically common in black and brown shades, however, with the fast evolution of leather jackets, more fancy colours are available now. 

The original leather jackets were straightforward, meant for the aviators. As these leather jackets gained popularity, different types of jackets suited different personalities. Young men preferred a quirky style, whereas professional individuals looked for a more compact look. For the same reasons, the original leather jacket branched into many types to comply with the audience’s needs. 

Types of Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

It might get confusing to differentiate between all the types of leather jackets available in the market. We have made a list of all the prominent types of leather jackets to provide you with a thorough insight into what to expect from each. 

1. Hooded Leather Jackets

One of the most trendy leather jackets seen in public, a hooded leather jacket is crafted for young fashion lovers. Hooded jackets not only look fashionable, they are very practical too. The hood can serve as a protection against rain and wind while keeping your whole body warm too. Such an innovative piece of clothing, hooded leather jackets are a fine transition between business casual to smart casual apparel.

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Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

2. Bomber Jacket

Probably the most common, and everyone’s favourite, a bomber jacket is the perfect blend of casual and smart casual fashion. As implied by the name, these jackets possess military heritage. Their insulation is unmatched and the style is truly amazing. The jacket is short in length, sealed with a waistband and matching cuffs. Leather bomber jackets are your one-stop solution for every fashion query. 

Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

3. Suede Jacket

Typically found in brown shades, suede leather jackets are known for their subtlety. They are prized for their simple silhouette, adorning all body types. Although suede is a durable fabric, suede jackets are not very durable compared to other types of the leather jacket. 

Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

4. Biker’s Jacket

The most stylish and alluring biker jackets typically feature an asymmetrical zipper, a belt and snap-down lapels. They can be as fancy as you want them to be yet still oozing style Heavily inspired by Marlon Brando in The Wild One (1953) these jackets define fashion. 

Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

Three Ways to Style a Leather Jacket

1. A Monochromatic Look

The classic monochrome style never goes out of fashion. For a stylish look, put on your favourite pair of black jeans and a black bomber jacket over a t-shirt. Accessorize this loo  with a pair of Gucci sunglasses and sneakers of your choice. You are now all set for a perfect movie night with friends and family!

Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

2. Black and White Combination

If monochrome is too boring for you, put on a white t-shirt paired with a striped leather jacket to provide that amp. This outfit can go well with checkered shoes because why not! White and black is the most iconic duo when it comes to men’s fashion. Add a pair of sunglasses and a simple watch for that lunch date you’ve been waiting for a long time.

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Leather Jackets; Types and Styles

3. A Smart Casual Evening Look

Are you a business professional tired of pantsuits? We got your back. Put on a pair of straight khaki pants and a formal collared shirt. Put on your favourite distressed brown leather jacket with sleeves down. Add a pair of suede office shoes for a perfect office dinner look. 

Leather Jackets; Types and Styles


From cockpits to big runways, leather jackets have proved themselves to be the best time after time. The above mentioned types of leather jackets provide a useful insight to help beginners choose the best one for themselves. It is essential to assess your body type before investing in an expensive leather jacket to avoid a fashion mishap.

There are only a few pieces in menswear that require little to no effort to style them, and the leather jacket is one of them. It requires a few techniques that, once mastered, can elevate your style in no time. 

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    (2) Could you recommend some good brands for leather and suede jackets (perhaps with simple styling to suit many style preferences.)? I do like suede, although I know it cannot handle rain.

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