Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: 3 Essentials Every Man Should Own

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: 3 Essentials Every Man Should Own

When men start dressing better, you might think they love shopping and have the money to continuously purchase new pieces. However, the latest trends and newest options aren’t the ones that’ll help you stand out. It’s the staple clothing pieces that’ll serve as your cornerstone in rebuilding your wardrobe. 

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: 3 Essentials Every Man Should Own

Nothing’s wrong with owning loud colors and eye-catching statement shirts. However, having too much of these in your wardrobe might make you feel overwhelmed as you choose an outfit during the mornings. Conversely, with a capsule wardrobe, pulling out pieces that’ll look good on you will become a piece of cake. 

Basics To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is that nearly all of your clothing pieces will complement each other. It encourages you to prioritize the essentials and focus on setting up a cohesive yet dynamic wardrobe. 

To achieve this, you need to own basic men’s clothing and carefully purchase only a few trendy items that’ll still go well with the rest of your items. If you’re currently reworking your entire wardrobe, consider the following essential clothing pieces:

  1. Dark Jeans

With a wide variety of colors, choose darker jeans. Dark jeans evoke a more serious vibe, allowing you to wear them in a lot of formal gatherings. For example, you can throw on a sleek collared shirt, and your peers won’t even realize that you’re simply pairing it with jeans. 

Moreover, darker jeans help you hide stains easily. This keeps you looking fresh and confident, even if you already have ink stains on your fabric. Nonetheless, if you prefer light-colored jeans, opt for khaki, camel, or blue. These colors are still versatile enough to be worn during casual and formal events.

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: 3 Essentials Every Man Should Own

When shopping for jeans, choose brands that are regarded for their high-quality fabric. For instance, CALIBRE and other similar fashion brands have durable fabrics that’ll last you long. Also, look for jeans made of cotton as these are breathable and are suitable for men who have sensitive skin. 

  1. Trusty Blazer
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For staple outerwear, there are various pieces you can consider. While a suit jacket looks great for formal events and nice Italian shoes for men, you need to purchase it together with its matching pair of trousers. You only wear it as a unit, which limits your top or trouser choices. 

On the other hand, a blazer can be bought alone and is a versatile piece that you can quickly wear to make your outfit more office-appropriate. For men working from home, your blazer is the most effective way to ramp up your outfit. It’s also a laidback yet formal outerwear that you can quickly grab and go. This will come in handy during last-minute job interviews, urgent client meetings, casual date nights, and more. Considering its significance, choose the right fabric content as this can also keep you warm during cold and breezy days.

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: 3 Essentials Every Man Should Own

To narrow down your color choices, opt for neutrals.  Neutrals can easily be thrown together with any color, helping you create stylish outfit ensembles. For instance, you can opt for a navy blazer as this can be paired with your dark jeans, tan chinos, or gray trousers. Your preferred neutral can also be easily matched with nearly any collared shirt, open-neck shirt, or other types of tops. 

  1. Leather Shoes

While leather shoes are generally more expensive compared to other materials, the price can be justified with their many benefits. For instance, leather is a durable and low-maintenance material that you can rely on. If treated with wax, it also becomes more water-resistant. For men on the go, you can simply clean your shoes surface with a dry cloth to keep them looking polished.

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: 3 Essentials Every Man Should Own
A man in a blue suit ties up shoelaces on brown leather shoes brogues on a wooden parquet background

Moreover, leather shoes are classic pairs that can be worn nearly by any professional—business owner, lawyer, doctor, professor, or counselor, among many others. If you have an active job, a pair of leather shoes will keep your feet comfortable as the material wards off odors. 

They’re versatile, too, as they can be worn under casual jeans, formal attires, and the like. If you have black leather shoes, you can match them with a monochromatic ensemble to keep your look sleek and cohesive. If you have a brown pair, you can wear it together with your collared shirt and khaki trousers. 

There are many different types of leather shoes. Choose ones that you know you’ll use more often.

The Takeaway

Reconstructing your wardrobe can be quite tricky and demanding. Most men might skip this method as this can take time and effort to decide which pieces will match well with the other.

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: 3 Essentials Every Man Should Own

However, your efforts will pay off once you’ve built your capsule wardrobe. By following the guide above, you can choose clothes that’ll match your unique lifestyle and preferences.

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