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Being Fashionable At Casinos

A casino night is a terrific chance for anyone to put on their glamorous clothes and dress up. However, the casino fashion code may seem a bit overwhelming if you are not regular on the roulette wheel. 

Casino dress codes are a mix between older Hollywood glamor and contemporary decadence. They offer us every opportunity for an evening to live a VIP lifestyle. Five-star hotel suites, hot tubes, and private tables in movie star style. 

So how can you fit in with the regulars? This article will go through all the do’s and don’ts, plus give extra advice on how to amp up your casino style. 

General dress code rules 

Generally, visiting the casino websites you wish to visit is always a smart idea. There is a dress code for each live casino. There may be varying dress codes, depending on what you expect to do while you’re there.

There are, however, certain broad standards on what to wear. These will help you dress regardless of where you are going. There might be situations where you need to be more formal but these guidelines will protect you from making serious mistakes.

  • Don’t wear flip flops, sandals, or sneakers 
  • No dirty, torn, or worn-out clothing
  • Night casinos: no shorts or t-shirts wear a collared shirt or a blouse
  • Dress codes for the lounges or the nightclubs might be different from the casino
  • The more fancy the casino is, the fancier you need to dress 
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Types of dress codes 

White tie

This is the highest level of dress code, you need to dress the most formally you possibly can. This dress code isn’t common for casinos today but still exists. 

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Men should wear a black dress coat with tails, trousers with a satin stripe, and a white tux shirt with a bib front. Collars should be winged and shirts with studs and cuff links. Your vest and bow tie should be white. Black, patent leather shoes such as Oxfords are standard.

For women, floor-length gowns and ballgowns are expected, paired with elegant jewelry. Small purses, fur wraps, and white gloves are optional.

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Black tie 

Black tie is a more common level of formal dress code for live casinos. This dress code is typically reserved for special evening events and for VIP lounges. 

Men wear a dinner jacket – no tails – and matching trousers. Typically the colors men choose to wear are black, burgundy, or navy blue but other dark rich colors like midnight purple are suitable. The shirt is typically a white buttoned-down collar with a tie or bow tie. The paired shoes should be black formal shoes with black socks. A waistcoat is optional. 

Floor-length gowns and elegant cocktail dresses are appropriate for women. A pantsuit is also another great option. To pair are evening shoes with a heel, usually classic silhouettes are worn. As with the men, the women should stick to dark, rich colors. The outfit can be kept simple, clean, and elegant, not too heavy with accessories.
Black tie optional is also a tweaked version of the black-tie dress code. It means that you must dress as formally as you can, the closest to a full black tie. For example, someone who doesn’t have a suit can wear a button-down shirt with a tie, trousers, and formal shoes.

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Black tie optional is also a tweaked version of the black-tie dress code. It means that you must dress as formally as you can, the closest to a full black tie. For example, someone who doesn’t have a suit can wear a button-down shirt with a tie, trousers, and formal shoes. Darker, rich colors should still be stuck to. 

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A bit clearer than black tie optional is semi-formal. There are also many more selections so that this dress code area is easier to pack. It’s normally saved for nice occasions before midday, as it usually gets less formal during the day. This is not typical of the daily dress code of a casino. Usually, dark colors are saved for the evening and lighter colors for the day. 

Men can wear a less formal suit than a tux like one made from wool or cashmere. A tie can be skipped. Trousers are the only acceptable pant, khakis and jeans are still not acceptable. Polos and t-shirts are also too casual, a buttoned-down shirt is the safest option. 

For women, shorter dresses and cocktail dresses are great. This is a great occasion to wear your trusty little black dress. If separates are a preferred choice then an elegant, long skirt with a nice blouse is a good option. Heels are not a necessity, strappy sandals or flats work as well. 

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Business formal 

Corporate formal covers the type of clothes you wear in an office job. This is a safe bet if you don’t know about the dress code for any casino you visit. You could crawl for more formal standards, but if it’s more informal, you will not look overdressed. Business formal is also comfortable enough for you to spend the night there.

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For men business formal and semiformal are very similar, dark suits with a light buttoned-down shirt. Ties are also optional and leather shoes are expected. For women pencil skirts with stockings are traditional. Slacks are also seen. Blouses with blazers and jackets are common, paired with some simple, elegant jewelry.

Women usually wear skirts, pants or trousers – stockings are not needed. Most shirts are accepted, collared, blouses and sweaters. Cleaving or revealing clothing is preferred.


Finally, in the dress code on the lowest level of formality. Casual clothing is your everyday clothing. “Casual” doesn’t indicate that you get on with any old thing in your wardrobe, despite being the lowest level. You still want to look pleasing and put together. Think of casual clothes for a first date as the outfit you would wear.

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Business casual

Business casual is what most of us are familiar with. This is how you dress for office work or holidays. You want to look great but don’t want to look too hard as you’ve tried. This is another wonderful dress plan to wear at a casino on a regular day.

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Men usually wear a sports coat or a blazer with slacks or khakis. Any type of shirt is appropriate from button-down, collard, and polo shirts. Ties aren’t usually worn but are still an option. Loafers are appropriate shoes.

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