Rating of Top Fashion Universities 2021

Rating of Top Fashion Universities 2021

Choosing a relevant fashion university in 2021 may seem like a challenging task because the fashion trends are changing so fast, and it all comes down to the work of influencers on Instagram and Facebook and not only the models on the catwalk. Nevertheless, education always comes first, and you will learn that getting your diploma in Fashion Studies or Fashion Design plays a major role in your success as you start with your career in the industry. The investors, the stakeholders, and even the casual people will always be impressed when they see your CV with the mentioning of the prestigious fashion school! 

Top Fashion Universities Rating 2021 

1. Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Located in New York, it can be easily compared to London’s College of Fashion or Italian Istituto Europeo di Design because it is one of the most prestigious American schools to major in Fashion Design or Fashion Media. Of course, it goes beyond purely American styles and includes guest lecturers from all over the world. Still, you will have to do your share of research, which is why it is good to explore US essay writers reviews just in case you are running out of time and need a professional to check your ideas for accuracy and plagiarism. It will help you to stay safe as you submit your work! 

2. Parsons: Fashion, Art & Design School. 

Once again, we have an entry from New York, which seems to be the American heart of all things fashion! If you want to focus on marketing, design, promotion, and analysis of relevant factors that make fashion experts lean towards this or that trend, it is the best university to consider. It will involve research work and analysis. If writing is not your cup of tea, consider essay for sale services. Getting additional writing help never hurts, since you can focus on polishing your design skills. We all know that it is easy to get carried away, yet meeting your academic deadlines is always critical! 

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Parsons School

3. Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. 

Located in Philadelphia, it offers unique degrees that focus on fashion leadership, management styles, and survival methods in the world of fashion. It takes a unique approach to media studies and explores it all, from Instagram influencers to the mass consumer markets. It is also one of the most practical fashion universities in the United States that is also accessible. Consider it if you are only starting, as it has various programs to fit every skill level. 

URBN Center Grand Opening

4. Stephens College, Columbia. 

It is the best place to learn about the history of fashion because it takes a global approach by helping you learn about Psychology, Architecture, History, and many other disciplines that seem to affect our fashion choices and motivations. You will also learn more about proportions, promotion, business marketing, and various manufacturing methods of the last few decades. If you want to explore it all, look no further! 

5. Kent State University. 

It is the best choice for students who would like to focus on fashion design. If you want to study the trends and become the one who sets them, explore the past, the present, and predict the future. This course is for those who take risks and have no fear of being open-minded and innovative. 

Social Skills Always Matter 

Remember that getting your fashion diploma is not everything these days! You should consider building a solid network of industry contacts and participate in virtually every fashion event that you can attend. It will help you to learn from professionals in the field and avoid the most common fashion mistakes. Learn to listen, stay patient, take notes, talk to people and it will always pay off. The trick is to socialize and let your brand and attitude become a signature point that will make people come back and notice you! 

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