8 Ideas To Style Men

Every woman would want their men to look great, but dressing men can be a bit tricky. What women consider an attractive look in a man might not be what men like. Men’s fashion is dynamic. Like every other person, men dress differently on various occasions. They do official wear around the office environment. Sweaters, jackets, and boots during the winter seasons.

In the recent past, bright-colored materials were considered feminine, and the muted colors like black and grey were masculine. The trend is changing because men are looking stylish and attractive in bright colors nowadays. They even dress in floral shirts, which bring out the best look. Accessories can also add flavor to men’s look. Complementing their look with items like watches and glasses will bring out the best in them. 

Fashion is about being unique and feeling good about what you are wearing. It doesn’t have to look attractive to other people, how you feel is what matters. A stylish and unique look is what stands out from the crowd. Beauty products like Starseed magnetic eyelashes can be fixed on men during top modeling shows to portray fashion. Let us look at some ways to style men.


Over the last five years, a comeback of the 1970s has been one of the overarching trends and does not slow down. A few years back, floral shirts were considered feminine. Nowadays, men find them fun, eclectic, adventurous, and stunning. It might be tricky to put on, but when paired with the correct piece with confidence, it can make men look more attractive. Keep it neutral, blend a floral cotton shirt with one of your best pairs of khaki. Finish off the look with a tan dress shoe.

Men Boots

The majority of men put on boots to protect their feet and ankles from extreme cold, mud, or hazards, but they can turn out to be stylish in the process. We have several boots preferred mainly by men like Chelsea boots, military boots, and casual boots, all of which look fashionable when paired well.

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Leather boots are the most durable and can serve you for many years when maintained well. You can keep your shoes by stuffing them with newspaper when they get Wet. It helps then eliminate the odor when they dry and prevents the boots from deforming as they dry. 

Men Trench Coats

The trench coat has been one of the most outstanding unisex outerwear for more than a century. Trench coats look great when styled with jeans and a t-shirt or sweater. They are also the best attire to be worn during winter. They have cotton linen to keep your body warm always. Trench coats also fit in well with official looks and casuals.


Being in control of your time is essential at this hectic pace of modern life. A wristwatch will keep you updated about the time and also give you a stylish look. On special occasions, phones might not be an ideal item to keep you updated on time. That’s where the importance of a wristwatch comes in. 

In the late 90s, wristwatches were used by soldiers on battlefields. The fashion industry brought them back to become a modern fashion accessory. Recently, the fashion industry is full of different types of watches which can make your look outstanding.

Men Tailored Suits

One advantage of tailored suits is that they are designed from your measurements, which will fit them perfectly. A perfect fit motivates you to stay in shape. Suits have never been out of fashion. They are exclusive, plus they fit on many occasions. Designing and customizing your suit makes it a unique and individual garment, perfectly fitted to your body.

Men Khakis

Sometimes we can have an entire closet and still complain, “I don’t have anything to put on.” This is because you don’t have good pairs of clothes to blend well. With khaki trousers, all your problems will be sorted. Pair a plain sweatshirt with your khakis, and you have an incredible casual outfit ready to go for the weekend. Put on your khakis with a sweater, and you are good to go for dinner parties. Denim and blue jeans are outstanding for a reason. But there is something about khakis that shows just a little bit more thoughtfulness no matter the circumstance.


Men started wearing belts recently in the 1920s, as trouser waists fell to a lower line. Straps were associated with the military before the 1920s. They were primarily used for decorative purposes. Leather belts have been popular with men recently. It can be worn to complete the official look you desire. Most women will first get attracted to the belt since it’s the center of attraction.


Getting a fever during the cold weather season is expected. Jackets came into existence to protect the wearer from extreme cold weather. This attire provides sufficient warmth and is very comfortable to the wearer throughout. Men can still look stylish in jackets since every jacket is customized depending on the occasion. We still have jackets to blend your official look, and some can also be paired in a casual look.


A stylish look doesn’t have to be so costly. You can dress with what you have appropriately and still look fashionable, as long as you consider your comfortability, profession, taste, and the message you want to pass across about yourself. The attire you put on will always portray a lot about you. Putting on clean attires, getting your hair done, taking a shower, wearing your favorite cologne to give a fresh smell is also stylish.

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