Tips to Professional Shaving

Depending on personal preferences, some shave daily, some shave once a week, and some shave below the neck to maintain facial hair. 

Regardless, you must give the following a read to learn more about shaving.

Tips to Professional Shaving

Prep the Skin

We are living in 2021, and exfoliation has become genderless now. Therefore, take the time to prepare your face before going straight into shaving. Exfoliate once or two times a week to remove the dead skin cells present on the surface. This will prevent your shaving blade from skipping and cutting skin.

Exfoliating with coarse formula can also remove ingrown hair that has crawled out of the skin in any direction they please. Besides skin preparation, exfoliation will also remove oil and dirt that has been lying in your skin. Soaps are mild detergents, so you would need something substantial to provide a smoother finish.

Tips to Professional Shaving

Shaving Oil

Another helpful step in the shaving routine is to introduce shaving oil. Now you do not need to purchase separate oil that is marketed as a shaving oil. Just go down to your local health store to purchase sunflower or safflower oil. Both are incredible alternatives under budget that will provide excellent results.

However, do not use olive oil. Other than being greasy, it will react with foaming gel to produce no foam. Moreover, olive oil is also bitter, so people with sensitive skin may become irritated. Whichever oil you choose to use, do a patch test to see if you will react to it or not.

Tips to Professional Shaving

Purchase a Reliable Brush

A top-quality shaving brush can up your shaving game to another level. It will create excellent foam with the shaving cream or gel when applied to the skin. An excellent brush will not scratch your skin or lift hairs. A helpful tip is not to apply excessive pressure that you ruin the bristles while simultaneously ruining the skin.

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Refrain from applying shaving cream against the grain or against the bristles of the brush. Doing against the natural brush movement will introduce rashes and redness to the face. If you choose to do that, you are choosing to ruin your skin. 

Shaving Aftercare

When you shave, analyze the direction of the growing hair. Neck and hair under the jawline do not grow in a specific direction. Therefore, shave slowly around the region. Pulling the hair in the opposite shave damages hair follicles, and it will grow coarser next time.

Finish the shaving routine by applying an aftershave or a moisturizer. The skin has become irritated and is probably burning from the razor application. Therefore, you must soothe it. 

Tips to Professional Shaving

You can also use rubbing alcohol to soothe the face, but that is not recommended. Though many aftershaves contain alcohol, it is processed mixed with other compounds.


Shaving is a very intimate act. Therefore, your shaving prospects must be according to your likes and feels. You can browse New England shaving products to learn more about the products that will significantly improve your shaving game. 

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