Photos of Dominic Albano to Make You Sweat This Summer

From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between Dominic has been photographed by some of the most talented photographers of today. Dominic Albano is a well known model, actor and social media personality, and yet we can’t seem to find out too much about him. He doesn’t share selfies or intimate details of his life online and when asked, his answers are meticulous and vague. Dominic is a true enigma.  

We talk about serious topics over here, from how does he face anxiety, his favorite meals, his bed-time reading book, how is auditioning these days in L.A. and more.

FM: Hi Dominic, How are you today? How the pandemic is treating you so far?

DA: I’m well, how are doing? Things are slowly returning to normal over here.

What activities helps you to stop scrolling the phone?

I don’t have a life! Lol. I’m always working, studying my craft and auditioning.

How do you fight anxiety? People are struggling with this issue (I am one of them)

I think there is a lot to be anxious about especially nowadays. I think having a good support system, time away from technology and a good balance between work, friends and fun and alone time.

Transitioning from model/influencer into actor in Los Angeles, its a thin line. Is it hard making that transition.

Well, I was never an influencer … those bastards are taking my work… just kidding… but I think it’s a natural transition going from modeling into acting. Both are very different, but having modeling experience is great. You learn your light, your best angles, how to emote, etc … but developing a character, relating that character to an aspect of your own life experience is a lot harder to do. You need a great imagination, the ability to dig deep within yourself, empathy and understanding. 

And we’ve been enjoying your OnlyFans, what can everyone see there? 

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Shhh, you’re not supposed to bring that up. Lol. I think there was or is a lot of stigma with onlyfans. I don’t really promote it that much anymore because I’ve heard a lot of casting directors don’t want any scandals associated with a talent if the project takes off. But my OF has tasteful nudes shot by the great fine arts photographers.

Social media can be a little bit tricky to navigate as a public figure. You have to be careful to not offend people and also deal with rude comments and toxic people. How do you face that?

I keep my opinions to myself. I’m actually Quite reserved and private, so I’m not one to go off on tangents about anything. I think if you have a kind heart, people can see that and they’ll know your intentions are good. With rude or obnoxious comments, I usually just write back something really witty and blast them for being a douche. Then I laugh. 

Do you have a good book to read before sleeping?

Respect For Acting by Uta Hagen.

Fast Answers Only

Favorite Color: Black.
Dream car: Hate driving. 
Turn-ons: bad boy vibes. 
Turn-offs: Talk to much.
Favorite cologne, scent or smell: too many to name.
Favorite body part on your partner: you know. 
Favorite body part on you: you know. 
Favorite accessory you can’t live without: phone.
Favorite App: Instagram.
Favorite movie: Basic Instinct…Sharon Store is HOT.
Briefs, boxers, other? Briefs.
Fav vacation spot: Miami.
Place you’d most like to visit: London, soon.
Being good in bed means: Intensity.

Photos of Dominic Albano to Make You Sweat This Summer

Where can we reach you at: Insta @dominicaalbano.

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Thank you Dominic for making this with us, any words for your fans and the people who admire you.
Just thank you for following my work, supporting my work because I can’t do it without you.

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And thanks to all photographers.

  1. Great interview with sexy & brawny Renaissance Man Dominic Albano. His answers were so witty and he is so charismatic.

  2. Dominic is a very sexy human being. And he’s very clever. I’m following his OF.

  3. Sexy

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to my favorite Photo Blogger and Hunk Curator Chris McCracken

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