Hair Transplant Guide for Starters

What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplantation is a procedure that helps people who experience hair loss and baldness problems that occurs due to various reasons: genetic factors, stress, and hormone disorder.  FUE Hair Transplant method is a process of relocating hair follicles under local anesthesia with special medical devices from the donor area to the balding areas. In this application, hair is extracted one by one and transplanted to the balding area. Hair should be shortened to 1mm prior to the operation. The surgery is conducted under local anesthetics, so the patient will not feel any pain. Micromotor is used to extract hair grafts; the tip of the motor simply pulls the hair root; therefore, the follicle is cut in a cylindrical way along with microscopic tissue. 

Hair Transplant Guide for Starters

What to consider before the operation?

Hair Transplantation is a serious practice that should be done by professionals specializing in that field as the output of the operation will be seen throughout your life. Hair transplant procedures should take place at a hospital or clinic with surgeons specialized in their field.

What are the advantages?

FUE method is the most commonly used and reliable method for hair transplant. Advantages of FUE hair transplantation are as follows:

  • No incision and suture marks at the site of the operation.
  • The process is completed in a short time thanks to thin-tipped devices.
  • Natural and aesthetic appearance.
  • Short healing duration and opportunity to return to normal life instantly.
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Who can get a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation surgery can be conducted for the male and female types of hair loss. Male-type hair loss affects the upper part of the head and the temple area; firstly, hair becomes skinny, and then fall out. Over time, this spill may stretch back to the temples.

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Female-type hair loss works in a different way; it involves hair weakening, rarity, thinning and loss in the peak and anterior areas of the scalp.

Who can’t get a hair transplant?

Not everyone is eligible for a hair transplant; for example, it is technically impossible for people who do not have any hair in the back of the head -which is also called the donor area-. Also, some diseases such as severe heart problems may be dangerous during transplant surgery.

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Cases that hair transplantation is recommended

Another criterion necessary for hair transplantation is the type of hair loss. For example, people at the adolescence age are not recommended to have the operation as their hair loss may continue. However, if permanent hair loss occurs in certain areas of the head as a result of accidental damage to the scalp such as severe burns, these people can undergo a hair transplant under a supervision of a doctor. Furthermore, hair transplantation should not be performed for those with certain diseases due to vital risks such as hemophilia (A blood clotting problem), blood pressure, diabetes, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

Where to have the operation?

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Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com
Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com

Choosing the clinic for a hair transplant is a hard task. You may want to contact clinics in your own country or consider having a trip to Turkey for a hair transplant. The costs of the operation in the UK, US or other European countries might be more expensive than in Turkey. So you might save a couple of thousand dollars and get the same result! You should always check Google reviews and ask for genuine before-after photos of the clinic.

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    HIV is the biggest obstacle for eligibility, but I heard that some clinics provide that service.

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