Let’s Meet French Model Eric

Let’s Meet French Model Eric, the blue eyed model drops his portfolio with us taken by Maurizio Montani.

Original from Nantes, situated at the head of the estuary of the Loire River, where it is joined by the Erdre and the Sèvre rivers, 35 miles (56 km) from the sea and southwest of Paris. 

Maurizio Montani's visual pictures and fashion images has been published all over the world. In every corner of this planet. Expertize in the fashion industry, he photographs stunning images, visually flawless for fashion ad campaigns, magazines, campaigns and more.

Back to Eric, we continue with this beautiful model. He has great features, amazing blue eyes, fit body and he’s french. What else can we ask for?

To meet this gorgeous model, we ask Eric simply questions and he brings simply responses.

You can’t deny he has an absolutely adorable personality, he’s guilty pleasure is beer, he can’t live without his workout bands, you can imagine how Eric smells, his favorite fragrance is A&F.

Quick Q/A with Eric

Hi Eric, tell us your stats:
Hi, I’m Eric From France (Nantes), I’m 39 yo! 180 (5’11”) / 80kg. (180lbs).

Favorite color:
Dream car:
I don’t have a car, I use only a bike.

Favorite sense, cologne, parfum:
My favorite cologne is Abercrombie & Fitch
Favorite body part on your partner:
Favorite part of my partner is teeth.
Favorite body part on you:
Mine is eyes.

Favorite accessory you can’t live without:
My favorite accessory to travel is elastic bands to work out.
Favorite App:
Favorite app is Too Good to Go.

Favorite TV streaming show:
Top Chef.
Favorite movie:


Briefs, boxers, other?
Guilty pleasure:
Fav vacation spot:
A beach and you should visit Greek Islands.
Being good in bed means:
Be good in bed means to find to good partner to enjoy it.

Photography Maurizio Montani @mauriziomontani_
Model Eric @eric.brez

  1. Epic thirsty Thursday interview with the handsome & brawny megahunk Supermodel Eric Brez and sensational photos by Maurizio Montani.

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