5 Tips When Shopping For Plus Size Men’s Fashion And Clothing

Style has always been a tool for many to express their personality. Moreover, the fashion industry has become more inclusive. Brands are now putting customers’ needs first and representing every size and shape in their campaigns. With that in mind, the demand for men’s plus-size clothing has risen in recent years. The market size has even grown to USD$849 million this year. (1)

If you’re looking for clothing that’s perfect for yourself or the plus-size man in your life, you can find plenty of options with just a few clicks online. However, to make sure you or your loved one feels great in the outfits, check out these shopping tips:

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  1. Prioritize the fit

As someone plus sized, it can be easy to succumb to the desire to hide your body under large, ill-fitting clothes. However, you should be doing the opposite. While you don’t want shirts or pants that are too tight, you should make sure that your body’s shape is still recognizable. Going for custom pants is a good option in terms of fit and style.

Your clothes should have the perfect fit. They should be fitted but not hug your body too snugly. To achieve this, you must find pieces that have the right length and size. 

From scarves for your neck to socks for your feet, you should opt for pieces that will flatter your body type. Speaking of socks, Tall Order specializes in foot garments that combine fashion and functionality that fit right for all sizes.

  1. Master the art of balance
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Visual balance is the key to looking and feeling good about your body. You need to take a step back and assess your physical strengths as well as areas that you don’t feel too good about. This way, you know which parts to flaunt and which ones to cover up.

These are some factors of which you should be mindful to achieve balance:

  • Visual weight – Determine whether you’re top or bottom-heavy. Top-heavy people shouldn’t wear something that’s too loose on the upper body. Conversely, if you’re in the latter group, you must wear proper-fitting bottoms to avoid making the area seem larger than it already looks.
  • Layering – In a similar vein, you shouldn’t be scared to wear pieces of clothing over each other. This is because tasteful layering can actually give you vertical panes, which can elongate your body’s look and make you appear slimmer.
  • Accents – Although dark colors are a plus-size man’s best choice, you don’t need to shy away from bright hues. Utilizing them well can help you add a pop of color and vibrancy to your outfit.

Look at these plus-size male models and check their outfits for some fresh fashion ideas.

  1. Know the essentials

While it’s good to be creative and think outside the box to express yourself sartorially, you should still invest in the basics. These essential clothing items can be mixed and matched seamlessly and make you look good instantly, which is ideal for busy mornings when you need to rush out the door in minutes:

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  • Dark colors – As previously mentioned, dark colors can make you appear slimmer. These neutrals also give off an elegant vibe to elevate your look, even without too much effort.
  • V-necks – V-necks are great, especially for top-heavy people, since this style can elongate the look of your torso. It does this by breaking your upper body visually.
  • Tapered trousers – Skinny jeans are a big no-no for plus-sized men. The best type of trousers to pick is the tapered ones that still narrow down at the ends without looking stifling.
  1. Find a personal tailor

If you can, find a personal tailor who can alter newly purchased clothes for the perfect fit. Most retail fashion brands follow generic templates when manufacturing their product. Knowing this, having a personal tailor can make sure that all the pieces in your closet are customized to flatter your body.

  1. Pick the right footwear

Shoes do more than completing your outfit. They also make sure that your body is supported and allow you to do your tasks with comfort. You should find a pair that cushions your feet and fits well. Regardless of which footwear you need, you should know your measurements and purchase ones that accommodate the length and girth of your feet. (2)

If you plan on wearing socks with the pair that you’re looking for, you should bring or wear the socks when you shop. This way, you won’t have to guess how much area it’ll take up when worn.

Additionally, you must be able to move your toes inside the shoe. If you can’t or it’s uncomfortable, it might be best to look for another pair.

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Choosing plus-sized clothing is all about prioritizing fit without neglecting support and comfort. Follow these tips to help you or your loved one look and feel great about themselves.


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