How Do You Make Yourself Look Good During Addiction Recovery

It may come as no surprise that a person’s self-esteem deteriorates as soon as they begin consuming drugs regularly, which, if let on itself, could take a toll on the individual perspective of their value as a person.

Of course, there is always a beacon of hope for these people, including receiving cannabis addiction treatment in the nearest rehab facilities within their area. As a result, the community must pay attention to various ways that they could utilize to regain their sense of dignity.

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However, we must first clarify if cannabis leads to addiction since this is a controversial debate among political discussions.

What can I do?

Once you’ve finally come around and sought medical help for your addiction, then there are a couple of things that you could do to help you regain control of your situation, such as by:

Forgive yourself

During rehabilitation, people are often plagued by the thoughts of their mistakes when they were addicted. Although substance abuse could usually diminish the amount of impulse control and judgment of a person, there are times that a struggling individual would’ve said or done something they’d carry on their conscience.

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It’s not okay to make up excuses. Still, these actions shouldn’t constraint a person for his entire life, given that relapse episodes are likely to happen if they keep beating themselves up. Similarly, it’s more advisable to acknowledge past mistakes and recognize that punishing oneself won’t turn back time. Plus, research studies show that self-forgiveness is extremely useful in reducing depression and anxiety periods.

Be kind

There’s nothing wrong with doing a small act of kindness each day. Research suggests that engaging in prosocial behaviors, or actions designated to benefit others, has a massive role in making someone feel good about themselves.

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Ideally, it would help if you started by showing your appreciation to the people you meet in simple ways, such as giving up your seat for the elderly, holding the door open for someone, or guiding another person by giving directions when they’re lost.

Accept any compliment

Due to a tragic backstory, researchers disclosed that those who had addiction struggles with the difficulty of accepting compliments from others, as they’ve come to doubt the sincerity behind such compliments—often doubled by the increasing feelings of embarrassment over the assumption that they were being patronized.

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Hence, it could become challenging for them to open up to others. But this doesn’t have to be tricky so long as they get to follow the following:

  • Hold themselves from dismissing the compliments
  • Take these words to be genuine
  • Express their gratitude through a short “thank you” and let themselves dwell on the praise for a while
  • Remember that people complement their strengths, to which they should take pride in

By doing so, reformed addicts give themselves room to build trust with others while reinforcing the positive behaviors taught to them during the rehabilitation period.

Make appropriate changes

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Once you’ve gathered enough confidence, you should be a person with the determination to make big decisions, as recovery goals demand actions driven by self-motivated choices.

In this way, an individual would have sufficient ability and skills to achieve the milestones they’ve set for their recovery. More importantly, their determination should be like steel as slips could quickly happen, and only by addressing that change happens in stages could they take them in the right direction.

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Final words

It may seem impossible, but the truth remains that people succeeded in this trouble and regained control of themselves. And as far as we believe, it’s also possible for someone like you.

Even though you might’ve recognized the symptoms early on yet couldn’t stop, the door to a new life isn’t entirely closed for someone like you.

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In the end, as long as you have the will and exert effort to make changes, there will come a time where you’d be able to leave the dark path you’ve used to walk on.

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