How To Choose The Perfect Men’s Wallets – 5 Quick Tips

Choosing a new wallet is often difficult, especially for men who have carried around the same one for years. There’s often a desire to find a replica of the old wallet. However, this is an opportunity to upgrade and find something more functional and fashionable. 

Whether you’re purchasing a wallet for yourself or as a gift, here are five quick tips to help you choose the perfect men’s wallet.

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Determine How Much You Carry

First, determine how much storage is needed in the wallet to make it convenient and functional. You can accomplish this by looking at how many cards you carry, whether or not you carry cash, and how generally organized you are.

Use this as an opportunity to declutter and set some new rules about using your wallet. Real Mens Wallets suggests not overstuffing your wallet if you want it to last. Overstuffing puts stress on the stitching and materials, causing degradation in even the highest quality wallets. Determine whether there are some cards or extras in your wallet that you could remove.

Should I choose a Bifold Wallet or a Trifold Wallet

Generally, a mid-size wallet with well-organized compartments and cardholders is sufficient.

Consider Your Desired Style

Take some time to look and determine what style of wallet appeals to you. Are you someone who wants a simple black leather billfold, or do you prefer some eye-catching leatherwork? Do you prefer a traditional wallet like your father used to carry or something more sleek and modern?

While some may argue that a wallet is nothing more than a convenient way to keep money and identification organized and secure, it’s something you carry every day; you might as well have something you like.

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Invest in Quality

Don’t make the mistake of buying the first wallet you see because it’s convenient and affordable. Instead, be willing to invest some extra time and money in quality. Otherwise, you’ll be repeating the process in a few months.

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Cheap wallets tend to fall apart quickly. The cardholders are more susceptible to rips and tears, the seams come undone, and the plastic on ID holders gets foggy or cracked. If you’re someone who sits on your wallet (which you shouldn’t do, regardless), these issues will be exacerbated. Sitting on your wallet puts extra pressure on the seams and can also cause back pain.

Consider the Layout and Extras

Next, consider the layout and extra features that add value to your wallet. While the basic compartments and slots are often enough for the average consumer, it’s nice to look into specialty features as well. For example, a photographer might want an extra pouch for a memory card. Avid travelers could benefit from having a wallet with RFID-blocking technology

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The layout is also a matter of personal preference. Some wallet carriers prefer an extra pocket flap in the center, while some prefer a minimalist design.

Set a Budget

Finally, set a budget that suits your lifestyle before going wallet shopping. This crucial step will help you find something that suits your needs while leaving something to put in your new wallet at the end of your shopping trip. There are high-quality wallets at every budget, with plenty of more expensive designer options as well. 

With these simple tips, you can find a wallet that suits your needs or those of the recipient of this traditional men’s gift. 

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