Exclusive Q/A Male Muse Kevin de la Cruz by Adrián C. Martín

The last portraits of summer are here. We don’t skip this stunning and sexy work by Spanish photographer Adrián C. Martín in exclusive for fashioablymale.net including short Q/A with Kevin de la Cruz.

Shooting in Teide National Park, Tenerife —a national park is centered on Mount Teide, the highest mountain of Spain (3,718 meters high) in addition, the highest volcano in the Atlantic Ocean islands and the third highest volcano in the world from its base in the ocean floor (7.500 meters high).

Adrián and Kevin stayed hidratated to shot this in the middle of summer. Where can get so high temperatures in the mid oif July. But the hot temperatures didn’t stop them.

This place had an important spiritual significance to aboriginal Guanches and important archaeological sites have been discovered in the park. 

Adrián has work with so many hot models, but none like Kevin.

This time we have the opportunity to meet a little bit more of Kevin, since the last encounter Adrián and Kevin in December 2020. Where everything was so difficult for so many, and all you can do is going outdoors to shot to skip any viruses.

So for the last days of summer we have. Enjoy this material, put some sunscreen and read the short Q/A we did with Kevin.

Lighting quick-round with Kevin

Favorite Meal to cook: I’m don’t enjoy cooking. I rather like to have someone cooking for me. I love all food. I love to eat.
Favorite Place to travel: I would love to visit Mexico. All the Caribbean. Also, the pacific would be a great destination. I’m a hot guy and I need to be near the sea.

Favorite Book to read before bedtime: Anything science fiction. Right now reading Ready Player Two

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Favorite Movie to chill out: Rather that the movie I think about the company. That’s essential to be chilled watching a movie. 

Favorite song to workout: I love reggaeton. A good genre playlist is perfect for me to workout to. 

Favorite cologne, scent or smell: Sauvage by Dior is my perfume. 

Favorite body part on you: My arms and my legs. And my eyes. 

Favorite accessory you can’t live without: my cell phone.

Favorite App: I think it has to be Instagram. 

Briefs, boxers, other? Always using boxers. 

Guilty pleasure: i don’t like the idea of feeling guilty enjoying something. 

Place you’d most like to visit: I have some visits in mind before the year ends, but I want to keep it secret just in case I ruin it.

Photos: Adrian C. Martin @adriancmartin
Model: Kevin De la Cruz @aboutkevindelacruz
Underwear: PUMP!, Teamm8 Tank top: Temm8
Suéter: Zara
Assistants: Ainara Lorenzo & Loren Cruz
Location: Teide National Park, Tenerife 

  1. Sensational photos and great interview with Big Sexy Kevin De la Cruz

  2. I’ve been following on Instagram and Facebook and hes super sexy human body is great 👍.

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