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To People Who Want Helix Earring Piercing But Can’t Get Started!

Anyone who has a penchant to get piercing done just loves helix earring piercing. The growing fascination is understandably so. It is possibly the only alternative available that allows you to have numerous kinds of piercings. Normally, piercings are made exclusively to upper cartilage of your ear in this type of piercing.

Chris Perceval for REY Magazine

Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range of helix earring piercingoptions. It includes piercing done to your ear’s outer upper cartilage. Of course, you do have the freedom to get it down backward and forward. In addition, triple or double piercings are also possible to get a more attractive look!

You will be glad to know, helix earring piercinghas its unique meaning. It could mean different things to different people. Nevertheless, it is characterized by the piercing done exactly via the top curve of the ear.

Go For Helix Earring Piercing To Reap Its Benefits

Depending upon your other vital parameters, you might be suggested to opt for it as well. There are certain health benefits which is why helix earring piercing is recommended. It includes things like:

  • Encourage blood circulation.
  • Releases energy for healing.
  • Relieves tense muscles

You Can Get It Done For Any Ear?

Well, there is no hard and first rule regarding any specific ear. It will all depend on your preferences.

As long as the upper outer cartilage does not have any medical condition, you can get it done in any ear.

Is There Any Time Restriction About Sleeping On Such A Piercing?

Yes, there is some limit in force when it comes how long you have to wait so that you can have a wonderful sleep on the said piercing. Well, four months is the standard healing period. Once that is over, you can go ahead with your plan to sleep!

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What About Washing Your Hair After Completion Of This Piercing?

This is one common question people interested in helix earring piercinghave. The ideal thing to do would be to start washing once the hair is wet. Get the rinsing job done completely and remain in this position. This ought to be followed with an extra rinse to your cartilage earring. Thereafter, resort to pat dry the same while keeping your hair under the shower taking additional precaution that no water can enter the piercings.

Avoid Rotating Your Piercing

Make sure you avoid rotating your piercing. If you fail to do so, there are chances your healing and delicate skin might get damaged due to the rotation of the jewelry. When this does happen, it leads to scarring and infection.

Aftercare Is A Must

Opt for aftercare once your piercing is complete. Ideally, cleaning the piercing two times in a day will suffice the purpose.

You will need two things to carry on this task. They are:

  • A clean cotton bud.
  • A sterile saline solution.

Adhere to systematic cleaning process by following these steps:

  • Remove any discharge or dried blood.
  • Don’t turn or twist your jewelry during the entire procedure.

A Word Of Caution

Despite having taken all necessary precautions, at times infections can take place inadvertently. If that is the case, get in touch with your piercer to seek appropriate suggestions.

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