The Most Practical Men's Fashions That Are Perfect For This Winter

The Most Practical Men’s Fashions That Are Perfect For This Winter

While there’s no doubt that you want to fill your wardrobe with stylish garments and shoes to create sophisticated looks all year round, navigating the world of fashion can be tricky, even when keeping up with the latest trends. 

The Most Practical Men's Fashions That Are Perfect For This Winter

However, practicality and comfort are generally preferable elements. We all need comfortable home-wear outfits and fashionable outfit options for social gatherings that still hold the essence of these elements. 

That said, both practicality and comfort are prominently seen in men’s wear trends, and this is one of the more enviable aspects of menswear, as women’s fashions generally overlook these critical factors. 

And while most men’s garments and footwear trends are pretty practical and comfortable, we’ve listed those that every wardrobe needs this winter. 

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets, such as some USMC jackets, are exceptionally fashionable jacket choices this year. The puffer has made a comeback from the late 90s and early 2000s fashions, and it’s a pretty practical and comfortable choice to stay warm. 

Moreover, these jackets are also highly fashionable, perfect for fashion-forward and street fashion outfits. There is also the option of oversized puffer jackets, and while these are even more trendy, they are also far warmer.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have undeniably become timeless garments, and for this reason, investing in high quality is a wise decision; your leather jacket will stay trendy year after year.

What’s more, you have the option of a more chic and sophisticated leather blazer jacket, which is more suitable for semi-formal and business casual dress codes. Leather biker jackets are also stylish and most ideal for everyday outfit choices, as they pair perfectly with any pair of denim jeans and a plain t-shirt or screen tee. 

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selective focus photo of man in black jacket parking black honda cafe racer motorcycle

There are tons of other leather jacket styles as well. And when finding the best one for you, it’s most important to consider your general personal style. 

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets have made waves in the fashion industry recently, with double denim outfits turning heads. These are the ideal jacket choice for casual and everyday outfit choices. And because they aren’t too warm, you can wear them for autumn weather as well. 

Layering is a great outfit approach with a denim jacket to top things off. You can wear a hoodie beneath your denim jacket, a sweatshirt, or even a turtleneck sweater. The versatility and practicality of denim jackets make them a worthwhile investment for every wardrobe this winter. 

MANGO Launches Spring 2021 Denim Collection Relaxed fit denim shirt

Dark Wash Jeans

Dark blue jeans are the most sophisticated denim choice for men and women. However, it would be best to avoid the dark rinse denim variety, which is generally more black than blue. 

These denim jeans are perfectly suitable for business casual attire and casual outfits. But more than that, denim jeans are a go-to for most of us due to their overall comfortability; just one of the reasons denim jeans will always be a fashion staple. 

That said, more important than the wash of the denim is the fit when shopping for a new pair this winter. Dark wash denim should fit well, so avoid the oversized baggy look. You can use size guides to be sure you are making the perfect purchase if you’re shopping online, as you won’t be able to fit them before purchasing. 

Dsquared2 RTW Fall 2021

Leather Loafers

Leather loafers are among the list of must-have men’s footwear this year. These staple shoes are ideally comfortable. So you can wear them with everyday outfit choices. What’s more, they are also exceptionally stylish and sophisticated, so you can pair them with business wear as well. 

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Because you can wear these shoes to the office, date night, or even a wedding reception, every man should own at least three varieties of leather loafers. The best colors to opt for are brown, black, and camel. 

High-Top Sneaker

High-top sneakers have been trending for quite some time, so once again, you should invest in a high-quality pair. That said, there are tons to choose from, with Nike manufacturing some of the most popular varieties. 

Virgil Ablog Nike Air Jordan

Regardless of which particular pair of high-top sneakers you opt for, you can wear these sneakers with just about any casual street fashion outfit. They are also exceptionally practical as the higher design provides some comfortable ankle support and extra warmth, for that matter.

An All-Purpose Hoodie

Everyone needs that one reliable go-to hoodie that’s perfect for everyday wear. Whether it’s a plain grey hoodie, a black one, or a printed one, the choice is yours. 

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hoodie – Salomon | glasses – Vuarnet

However, it will be worth your while to invest in a few fitted hoodies and a few oversized ones. The latter is perfect for colder weather as the larger size definitely provides much more warmth and comfort. 

Track Pants

Track pants are a lot like hoodies in the sense that they are undeniably comfortable enough to wear every day. However, track pants have also become something of a trend lately, with geometric and bold prints becoming staples for the fashion-forward wardrobe. 

Jacket Department 5, T-shirt Sandro, trackpants Le Coq Sportif, sneakers Dirk Bikkembergs

So, thankfully, gone are the days when it was only really suitable to wear track pants in the comfort of your own home. These days, track pants are stylish enough to wear for fun evenings out, although the track pants’ cut, print, and color will dictate how fashionable the garment is. It goes without saying that grey track pants are everyone’s go-to, although they are more suitable as home wear. 

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Plain Fitted T-Shirts

T-shirts will always be a wardrobe staple, regardless of which season is approaching. With that said, plain white, grey, and black are the timeless t-shirt essentials you should always have, while printed screen tees are perfectly suitable for a more trendy outfit. 

Kemara Pol – Green Shirts

Once you have kitted out your wardrobe with all the practical essentials, you should consider adding some trending garment and footwear choices as well. The more you have in your closet, the more outfits you can create. But before you start shopping and adding to your wardrobe, be sure to always consider the importance of proper fit.

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