Sleeping Positions Matter: A Shopping Journey to Finding the Best Bed

Sleeping Positions Matter: A Shopping Journey to Finding the Best Bed

A philosopher and psychologist named Abraham H. Maslow theorized “holistic-dynamic theory” and postulated the hierarchy of needs. The first needs are physiological needs, including sleep, homeostasis, food, water, and oxygen. Abraham Maslow proposed that if physiological needs aren’t met consistently, other (safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization) needs cannot be satisfied.

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Indeed, physiological needs are essential to survival, especially sleep. Considering that sleep is vital to surviving, humans should do everything necessary to receive quality sleep. One’s mattress can affect sleep. If you have a saggy and old bed, it will lead to back pains, making it uncomfortable to sleep at night. 

Additionally, your position during sleep also has importance. Thus, you must know your favorite place during the nighttime. If you don’t recognize what sleeping position you use, consider taking a video of yourself for a week and observing your sleeping patterns. Now that you’ve successfully pinpointed your unique position read on below to know what mattress would be the best fit. 


These sleepers enjoy sleeping with their legs and arms curled toward the body or in the fetal position. So, the spine is somewhat curved, which can cause back problems. With the highest rated mattress for side sleepers, you won’t have to worry about back pain or any problems from your bed.

Additionally, there’s also the log position, where the legs and arms are straight. Indeed, there are many variations to side sleeping. Still, the main thing that side sleepers should look for is a bed that can fully support their spinal area, hips, and other heavy areas where there is pressure.

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Bed Considerations

A bed that offers pressure relief is essential for someone with this type of sleeping position. Individuals wouldn’t want their hips and shoulders to strain during their sleep. Additionally, the mattress should be soft and thick enough to sink the body to the mattress. Mattresses that have these qualities are memory foam or latex foam beds. 


Sleeping on your back with arms on the side is considered to be the best sleeping position. It’s because it doesn’t cause much strain on the spine. However, not many find this sleeping position comfortable; indeed, the reason may be because they’re not using the right bed. 

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Bed Considerations

Back sleeping position may be healthy for your back; it can cause strain to your arms. The significant gap when sleeping in this position is located in the lumbar area. It is an essential part that the bed should support. 

Additionally, the mattress should also cradle one’s neck and head. A mattress like a hybrid bed or memory foam would be perfect for conforming to the sleeper’s head, neck, and spine. Hybrid beds are a combination of innerspring and foam mattresses.


While back sleeping can promote snoring, sleeping on your back may help prevent it. The major disadvantage of a stomach sleeping position is that it can strain your neck; since you’re facing left or right. Also, in most cases, people use a pillow when sleeping and it creates a slightly bent back, and the neck is strained harshly. 

Bed Considerations

Please stay away from soft foam or plush mattresses since this can make you feel suffocated; overall, it isn’t a good experience to have when sleeping. Instead, find beds that are firm and thin. Of course, a little bit of softness should be there to cushion your bones, but firmness is a must. Thus, consider purchasing a hybrid mattress. Hybrid beds have numerous variations that can cater to anybody!

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After reading the three prominent sleeping positions, you’re still worried because you still can’t pinpoint your type? Well, there’s a chance that you may be a combination sleeper! Combination sleepers don’t fall into one category. Instead, they have different sleeping positions; they sleep on their back, side, and stomach. 

On the other hand, if you’re sleeping with a partner and you’re sacrificing your sleeping needs, then it may be time to look for a bed that can suit both of your preferences. 

Bed Considerations

When shopping for a new mattress, think about the deepest position, but don’t focus on it when making a decision. For example, Sarah sleeps on her side and back – making the side sleeping position the deepest. 

It entails that side sleepers require a 3-inch comfort layer while back sleepers only need 1 inch. Thus, purchase a mattress that’s between these two requirements. Mattresses like latex or innerspring are excellent for combination sleepers. Latex foam mattresses have a comfort layer, but it also has firm support. 

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After reading the information above, you can tell how valuable a sleeping position truly is when deciding on a mattress. If you haven’t considered your sleeping position when purchasing a bed before, then you’re doing it wrong. Every position requires a particular cradle to the body. The right bed will ensure the sleeper’s comfortability and provide support, especially to the spinal area.

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