A One-of-a-Kind Guide to Shoes

A One-of-a-Kind Guide to Shoes

It is almost impossible to resist the urge to walk away with at least 10 of the shoes that catch your eye. We have all been victims of impulsive buying at one point in our lives and most times, it rarely pays off especially when it comes to shoes.

Shoes do a lot more than providing coverage for our fit or completing our outfit. It protects our feet from injury, increases our comfort when going about our day. A closer look at the life of an athlete will show you that the shoes they wear for different activities mean a lot to them. Why? Because the shoes they wear can either aid their performance or weigh them down.

It’s nice to have shoes that make everyone say ‘wow’ when they see them but that shouldn’t be a priority when shopping for shoes. 

What should my shoes do and not do

Your shoes should protect your feet regardless of the activity you are engaging in. Whether you are hiking, playing football, dancing, running errands, spending your day at the office, running, or walking, your shoes should be designed in a way to protect against dangerous objects lying around and rough terrains.

You need support as well. A good pair of shoes will reduce the pressure placed on your feet from making contact with the ground and help with the stress placed on specific areas of the feet. Where you over or under pronate, good shoes can help provide stability and support. 

Your shoes should not compromise on comfort. If you are wearing heels, boots, sneakers, athletic shoes, and the like, it should almost as natural as breathing. 

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Now, what should your shoes not do? They shouldn’t weigh you down when going about your day especially when performing a specific activity. When playing sports like football, baseball, and basketball where you need to move around, your shoes shouldn’t drag you down or increase your chances of exhaustion.

Also, they shouldn’t cause issues or exacerbate any pre-existing foot problems. Shoes are meant to protect and support and the last thing you want is to develop blisters and injuries from the shoes you wear. Wearing the wrong shoes for your pronation increases the chances of having problems later on. 

What Can I do?

A great place to start would be to get shoes for different activities. You can’t get a pair of walking shoes from AU Nike stores and expect them to work perfectly when you run in it or go hiking. You can’t take soft-soled shoes to a building site and not expect injuries. 

When you are performing a specific activity, choose shoes designed for such activities. For instance, if you want to play football regularly, you might want to go with some spiked or cleated shoes. For hiking, a pair of shoes with sturdy soles would do the trick. This would prevent any early wear and tear and help you make the best use out of your shoes. 

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Look out for stability. This applies when buying any type of shoes but pay more attention when shopping for heels or boots with a high heel. When you have the shoes on, apply a little pressure on the middle of your foot. If the heel slides back, it is an indication that you have some trouble waiting for you if you make the buy. If the heels wobble as you walk, or you feel yourself losing balance, it is best to keep searching.

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Find the Perfect Fit

Getting tight shoes in the hope that it adjusts as you wear them, might not work out the way you wish. Moreover, the tightness could cause problems with blood circulation and affect some muscle functions. 

One way to get the best fit is to make cutouts of your feet and take them when shopping at the Nike stores in AU. The cutouts should fit the shoes perfectly without any dents for the shoes to be deemed your exact size. But not everyone can go through the stress of getting construction paper and proceeding to make the cutouts. In this case, you can always get your feet measured at the store before you shop.

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Shop in the Afternoon or After a Workout

A pair of shoes bought in the morning might feel tight as the day ends and the best way to avoid that is to shop in the afternoon or after a workout when your feet are swollen. This way, you get shoes that feel perfect throughout the day.

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