How to Find The Right Plus Size Footwear for Men

How to Find The Right Plus Size Footwear for Men

One of the first things to consider when shopping for a shoe is its size, even before checking its color, design, maker, material, etc. The ultimate box your shoe has to tick off your list is for comfortability. No matter how good it looks, your shoe wouldn’t be comfortable and practical if it doesn’t match the size of your feet. 

How to Find The Right Plus Size Footwear for Men

Usually, men use the U.S. shoe size of between nine and 13. However, some men require plus-size footwear or a size higher than 13. If you happen to be one of those few, you would agree that walking into a store to get a shoe that fits is an absolute struggle. Squeezing into a shoe smaller than your size would eliminate the comfort it is meant to bring. For that reason, this article gathered some tips on how to find the right footwear for plus-sized feet.  

Getting The Best Shoes For Your Feet Size

Wearing a shoe size smaller than your feet size could cause you pain and blisters. Chronic use of such footwear could later result in having bent toes or hammertoes. However, finding shoes for wide feet can be a challenge. Often, shoes have the right length but the wrong width. But that width still makes a whole lot of difference. If you want to shop for plus-size footwear, there are things to keep in mind to get the best and most comfortable; these include:

  1. Have Your Feet Measured Professionally
How to Find The Right Plus Size Footwear for Men

It would be best to have your feet measured professionally. You won’t know your exact measurements until you do so. Alternatively, you can measure the size of your foot by standing barefoot on plain paper. Trace the outline of your foot and measure the distance at the widest part of your foot. Once you have done this, you can compare it to an online chart. This will help you determine if your feet are narrow, wide, or even extra wide.  

  1. Shop Later In The Day
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Your feet can get wider during the day due to swelling, especially when you walk a lot. Therefore, you should shop for shoes when your feet have swelled enough so that you won’t have to deal with tight shoes as you go about your day. This small difference in size can give you a great deal of discomfort.  

  1. Try On Both Feet 
How to Find The Right Plus Size Footwear for Men

It is very common for people to have one foot larger than the other. If this is your case, an option is to buy shoes that fit the larger foot perfectly. Alternatively, you can buy two pairs of shoes in the respective sizes of each foot, if you have the budget. Some shoe brands offer split shoe sizes for people who have a difference of 1.5 between each foot. Whichever the case, try out the shoe to ensure it fits on both feet.

  1. Consider Your Choice Of Socks

You may have specific kinds of socks for different types of weather, activities, etc. For an optimal shoe fit, you must try on your potential new shoe with any or all of the socks you wear often. Different socks will have varying effects on the shoe. For instance, compression socks will give a slimmer foot size in the shoe, while hiking socks made of wool may require more room within the shoe.  

  1. Make A Visual Comparison
How to Find The Right Plus Size Footwear for Men

Sometimes, a visual comparison could help give you a clue about whether the pair of shoes fit your plus-sized feet. For this, you may place the shoes next to your feet and compare the width of your feet to the width of the shoe. A shoe that would fit you perfectly should look wider. If it looks narrower, you should ask for a shoe with a wider width. There are regular-width, wide-width, and extra-wide versions of shoes. Usually, an extra-wide version of shoes should fit someone with a plus-size foot.

  1. Take Them For A Test Run
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If you are buying your footwear from a walk-in store, it would be best if you could put the shoes up for some tests. Some stores would let you test the footwear on a treadmill, while some would allow outdoor runs. There are also online stores that have return policies enabling you to return the shoes after a trial run. This is very helpful, especially if you don’t want to waste money on tight, uncomfortable shoes.   

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Not a lot of manufacturers make shoes with different widths. This may make it difficult for individuals like you with plus-sized feet to get the appropriate size. However, don’t be tempted to squeeze your feet into any size of shoe you find, as it could lead to discomfort, pain, blisters, etc. Put in the extra effort in searching for your appropriate size. Use this guide to help you in the process.

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