7 Surfing Tips for Beginners Who Love to Surf

7 Surfing Tips for Beginners Who Love to Surf

If there is one beach activity or sport that you should try in your lifetime it is surfing. Surfing is a complex sport that is fun, exciting, and a liberating experience. If surfing is on your bucket list and you want to learn how to surf, you need to prepare yourself for it

There are millions of surfers across the world and each one of them started at the bottom. Everyone at some point makes mistakes and it’s alright. Surfing can be challenging and intimidating to newbies but it takes time and patience to learn and perfect the skills required to surf a wave. 

Everyone has a dream wave that they want to surf but before you reach there you need to put in the effort and dedication. This guide on surfing tips and tricks will help you improve your surfing skills and be a better surfer, read this: https://ombe.co/the-ultimate-list-of-beginner-to-intermediate-surfing-tips-tricks-and-techniques/

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As a newbie, there are certain things you need to know before head-on into the waters to surf.


Before you do anything you need to do your research and understand what surfing is. If you do not know this sport, you will be lost and probably get injured. Before you learn how to surf on the water you need to do your homework and learn everything you need to know. 

Find a Teacher

The worst thing you could do when learning to surf is to teach yourself. While it may seem practical, it can be dangerous. When you learn to surf under the supervision of a trained or advanced surfer, you will be able to improve your skills sooner. A surf coach will share their years of expertise that will help you navigate and understand the waves better.

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Location is Key

Every beginner must learn to surf on waves that are calm, predictable and steady. These kinds of waves are great for newbies as it allows them to practice what they have learned easily. Finding the right spot is important or else trying to surf the wrong wave can lead to an injury or worse. A great tip when surfing for a beginner-friendly beach is to find one that has fewer people.

Suit Up 

Before you head into the water you need to have the right surfing gear or else you could struggle to surf. Even though you may see certain seasoned surfers riding waves without the proper gear, as a beginner you should get everything you need to surf. Some of the surfing essentials are surfboard, board wax, sunscreen, wetsuit, leash, fins, and so on. These surfing gear will ensure you have a good first day surfing experience. Check some of these really cool looking swimwear that are made by Dsquared2 for movement.

Take a Moment  

Before you head into the water you need to take a moment and pace yourself. This means that you need to take a breather, stretch, and clear your mind. At the same time, keep an eye on the weather condition and avoid waves that you cannot handle. If you try to catch every wave you find you will end up getting hurt. As a newbie, focus on smaller waves that are suitable for your surfing skills and eventually move on to bigger waves. 

Never Drop In

The number one rule in surfing is that you should never, I mean never drop in on another surfer. If you do you will definitely get a stink eye from other surfers around, especially the locals. Always make sure that you give the right of way because surfing is all about respect. Dropping in can also lead to injuring your fellow surfer so be careful because there are other surfers who want to enjoy riding a wave just like you.

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Learn Wave Breaks 

If you are passionate about surfing you would have noticed that there are different kinds of waves. These waves are suitable for different kinds of surfers ranging from beach breaks to massive 50-80ft waves. So before heading into the water, watch the waves and determine whether they are suitable to your ability. Surfing waves that are beyond your surfing skills will do you more harm than any good and even lead to injuries. 

Final Thoughts

When you are learning to surf it is important that you know these tips and tricks as a beginner. By following these tips you will move one step closer in improving your surfing skills and have a great experience on the water. 

Above all, have fun and listen to your surfing coach as they will be able to guide you in the right direction. Looking to pull off a great summer look at the beach, check out WAPO Wear’s exclusive vibrant and beautiful swimwear for summer 2021!

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