How to Pick the Right Eyewear Based on Face Shape and Skin Tone

How to Pick the Right Eyewear Based on Face Shape and Skin Tone

Rarely would you find fashionistas matching their outfits with eyeglasses. You see, for ages, glasses have been fundamental in correcting eye vision but not as a fashion statement. It is such welcoming news for the trend-setter to find glasses in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Gone are the broad and rather dull options in the market. Instead, the latest trend is a game-changer and complements well with numerous outfits in your closet. 

Before selecting an elegant outfit from IRO Paris, take into account that the shape and color of your eyewear can either harmonize your style or not. You can only manage to succeed by selecting eyeglasses that correspond with your facial features and shape. Keep following as we guide you on ideal eyewear for various face shapes.

  1. Oval Shape

An oval shape is a god sent when it comes to selecting eyewear. After all, you can wear almost any eyeglasses apart from the very extremes. Remember that an oval face has high cheekbones and a rounded chin. Thus, you can comfortably wear curved or square frames. 

Although you can opt for wide or narrow lens keep away from circular ones because they may look awkward on your thin face. In addition, avoid thick frames as they tend to overpower a narrow face.

  1. Square Shape

A square-shaped face shares similar characteristics to a round one. Nonetheless, the features are slightly angled with a strong jaw and broad chin.  With this look, you do not need glasses that are too imposing. Therefore, soften the appeal with round lenses. 

However, for men who want to maintain the macho look, square-framed glasses work perfectly. Beyond anything, steer clear of rectangular lenses because they create an intuition of a permanent squint.

  1. Round Face
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For a face to classify as a round shape, the height and width are almost similar. Moreover, an individual with a round face has curving cheeks and chins. You need slimming and angular glasses for this kind of face shape. 

Keep the frames thin to avoid a weird impression. Instead, go for rectangular lenses and frames to make a face longer and narrower. If possible, pick eyewear that settles high on the front to achieve that defining look.

  1. Heart Shape

We cannot refute that a small chin and narrow cheekbones look highly appealing on billboards. Unfortunately, it is such a pain to find fitting eyewear for a heart-shaped face. The first thing you need to do is shun anything square or blocky. Without a doubt, this type of glasses would look terrible here. 

Narrow frames will not look good either. Hence, do not tire of experimenting with other options like a thicker frame or broader lenses. The beauty of wider lenses is that they help bring attention to the center, where much needed.

How to Pick Glasses According to Skin Color

Most people assume that their face shape is the most significant factor when buying eyewear. Surprisingly, the skin tone is also crucial in choosing glasses that complement the wearer’s features. Ultimately, human being complexion characterizes in three sections; warm, neutral, and cool. Below are ideal frame colors for each category. 

  • Warm Skin Tone

Warm complexion boils down to golden, yellow, and peach. It is not uncommon to find a sallow skin tone under this category. The best pick for this undertone is any color that represents the fall season. This translates to tones in the warm color family like brown, orange, warm red, gold, beige and olive green. Above all, do not use white or pastel-colored frames because they are extremely cool for this skin tone.

The Dolce&Gabbana’s Alta Sartoria ensemble is composed of a shirt and trousers in silk twill with nautical motifs. The look is enhanced with a matching nautical-inspired scarf, a black clutch bag and a pair of #DGEyewear sunglasses.
  • Cool Skin Tone
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 If you notice hints of red, pink, or blue on your skin, most likely, that’s a cool undertone. Think of eyewear frames in winter colors if you want to complement this skin color. Some of them include purple, gray, silver, pink, mauve, and blue. Thankfully, you can experiment with different shades for that cool effect. On some occasions, black eyewear with a complementing outfit works magic. 

Sunglasses by SaintLaurent
  • Neutral Skin Tone

A neutral color refers to a combination of cool and warm hues. In short, the undertone has an almost similar shade to the skin color. The positive side of this skin tone is that you can wear glasses in nearly every color. In this scenario, concentrate more on the face outline when buying frames. 

Xavier wears Sunglasses Celine by Hedi Slimane


It can be an expensive affair to buy multiple eye frames that fit all occasions. Therefore, choose carefully to avoid feeling awkward as you run through various activities. If you are in a formal career, limit the colors to neutral or metallic colors like silver and gold. On the other hand, casual individuals need to add color or some detailing on the frames. You can achieve a casual look better on thinner frames. The bottom line is to get eyewear that complements your face tone and features rather than leaving it flushed or clunky.

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