Work From Home In Comfort And Style (Men Edition)

Work From Home In Comfort And Style (Men Edition)

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Navigating the new work from home world has been tricky at times. To start off with, it was a huge adjustment for some people, especially those who share small abodes with a partner or roommate. Creating a little clutter-free space for yourself and all your work tools, scheduling meetings so that they don’t clash with someone else’s meeting, leaving both you and your partner shouting to be heard on separate calls. Setting your alarm and actually getting up when it goes off, and staying off the couch and at your desk. Lastly, but certainly not least, making sure that you wear something other than the same, possibly soup-stained sweatpants three days in a row!

Work From Home In Comfort And Style (Men Edition)

Comfort is a key aspect of getting your work done well: if you’re sitting around in a skin-tight suit, you’re hardly likely to feel very relaxed and be able to concentrate, are you? You need to craft a work from home routine that allows for the time to get dressed in the morning, work some exercise into your day and keep eating decent meals. In this article, we’ll take a look at some ways for men to work from home productively, but also in style and comfort.


I know it can be tempting just to get up and shuffle from the best to the couch, plug in your laptop, and get down to the grind. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you still get the job done! Getting into bad habits like this is not only bad for your mental health and self-esteem, but it can also eventually start to affect the quality of your work. Now I’m not suggesting that you stick with a blazer and brogues for working from home; that’s just crazy. However, there are some simple style solutions that you can use when you feel like you need to get into work mode, have an important Zoom call coming up, or just want to feel more like a regular member of the human race again.

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If you usually wear a suit to work, sweats are going to feel like far too much of a departure for you. Instead of the usual pressed long-sleeved shirt, blazer, and slacks, why not opt for a button-down short-sleeve instead? These often come in more relaxed fabrics like soft cotton or linen and can easily be dressed up with a blazer for a meeting or pitch. A pair of worn-in jeans will work well on the bottom and be comfortable as well as slightly structured. Though I would personally only wear socks or slippers at home, you can always complete the outfit with a comfortable (clean) pair of sneakers.

Work From Home In Comfort And Style (Men Edition)

If your usual work attire is slightly more casual, then sweats could be a good option for you. I’m not talking about the pants you have in the back of the cupboard for washing the car or mowing the lawn, and I’m not talking about gym clothes either. Since work from home became a mainstream reality, many brands have launched structured sweat sets, which feel like regular sweats but look and fit in a slightly more refined and publicly acceptable way. Top these pants off with a simple raglan in a plain color (prints look a little messy if they’re worn too casually), and if it’s cold, maybe a grandpa cardigan. All the lines are clean, but still enough of an actual outfit for you to not feel like crawling onto the couch is an alternative to sitting at your desk.


There are many things that contribute to a comfortable work environment, ranging all the way from making sure that you get up in time to have a decent and reasonably healthy breakfast to ensuring that you have the right kind of chair to sit in and including some movement in your day.

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Sticking to your alarm is essential if you want to form a healthy routine: I know it’s tempting to hit that snooze button, but you’re only hurting yourself in the long term if you do. Open curtains and windows when you get up; a healthy airflow means a clear mind. Make that first and very necessary cup of coffee and savor it for a few minutes before getting some eggs, protein, or fruit for breakfast. Once you’re fed and watered, you’ll be able to concentrate on your daily tasks. To stay focussed, make sure that the TV is off and that you get up once every 40 minutes and move around a little bit to get the blood flowing. Sitting for too long in one position is uncomfortable and bad for your mind and body. Whether it’s in the morning or evening, make time for some exercise! Your body will thank you for it.

Work From Home In Comfort And Style (Men Edition)

Final Word

Working from home doesn’t have to be a messy, unkempt process. If you stick to the goals that you set for yourself and follow the advice set out in this article, you won’t have any problems.

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