New Trends In Men's Wedding Jewelry

New Trends In Men’s Wedding Jewelry

The most common materials used in men’s wedding jewelry are gold, sterling silver and platinum. However, there has recently been a new trend for alternative materials, both man-made and natural, such as silicon or tungsten. There is often a focus on durability and sustainability, but that doesn’t mean that good design can’t be at the forefront of wedding jewelry. Ultimately a wedding or engagement ring that you wear for the rest of your life should not only be functional, but also reflect your personality. A gold band will always be classic, but new trends in men’s wedding jewelry also incorporate good style and design elements. 

Men’s engagement rings

When you get engaged, you are making a promise of commitment to your partner, and an engagement ring is about showing this to the world. According to a survey done by The Knot, 6% of heterosexual men were given an engagement ring, and 40% of same-sex couples exchanged rings. The masculine engagement ring is a positive trend that’s definitely here to stay – it shouldn’t just be the women that get the bling. Popular choices include a band inset with precious stones. This year, the trend is all about using contrasting colors, such as cobalt and diamond, or titanium and sapphire. Many couples also choose to get their engagement rings engraved with the proposal date. 

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Men’s wedding rings

Texture can turn a man’s wedding band into a real statement piece. Mokume remains in fashion, combining the texture and color of two metals in detailed swirls. Titanium in particular lends itself well to different textures, from split bark to moon rock. A hammer-finish is also a popular choice for men’s wedding rings, especially if you like a rustic or natural look. For a polished or satin texture, tungsten is on trend – it is extremely hard-wearing, but also stylish. You can also have your ring engraved with patterns like herringbone or Celtic knotwork. 

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Wedding cufflinks

The cufflinks that you wear on your wedding day are the perfect opportunity to inject some personal style into your outfit. Many grooms choose to get their cufflinks personalized with their initials, as well as their partner’s. It’s also a lovely idea to have personal or sentimental items transformed into cufflinks. You could have a piece of map showing your honeymoon location or where you first met inset into rhodium-plated cufflinks. Old coins or keepsakes are another good option, and will give your wedding day clothes the personal touch. 

Men’s jewelry doesn’t have to be plain and dull. Textured metals and inlaid precious stones are a great way of personalizing your wedding jewelry and incorporating your own sense of style. 

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