Tips to keep yourself safe when gambling online

Tips to keep yourself safe when gambling online

Online sports betting is more popular today than ever, and the upcoming NBA Finals will be the most gambled on match in basketball history. That’s due to a growing number of states in America relaxing or scrapping their ban on sportsbook betting. Millions can now watch the big match and bet on the outcome legally, all without travelling to Las Vegas for the privilege. Bet from the comfort of your home or on the move by downloading a legal and licensed sportsbook to your smartphone.

Tips to keep yourself safe when gambling online

Technology has made it easy to place NBA bets. You can bet on the next horse race due off or an NBA match live on television with the click of a button. It’s fast, secure and reliable. Place bets, deposit cash, withdraw winnings, secure promotions and watch sports on an HD quality live stream. You are in complete control of when you bet, where you bet and what you bet on. It’s a fantastic time to be a sports fan.

Betting is not without risks

Part of the attraction of sports betting is just how convenient it is using your desktop computer or smartphone, but that is also one of the risks relating to modern sportsbook gambling. Critics say it’s just too easy to bet, so much so that gamblers may end up wagering more often and for higher stakes than they are comfortable with. There’s also the dangers of online identity fraud or other payment card scams. 

In this article, we offer a few simple steps you can do today to improve the security of your online gambling. These are free, quick and can be used by any bettor at any leading gambling app. Follow our advice and enjoy the excitement of online betting without worry. Spend more time finding winners and placing bets, less time thinking about your online security and the safety of your details.

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Tips to keep yourself safe when gambling online

Look for SSL technology

When looking for a new bookmaker to join, you should pay special attention to the security settings and their privacy policy. What you want to see mentioned here is Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL), which is the top standard of security in the online gambling industry. This is the programme used by the leading online betting apps from London to Las Vegas. It gives you complete peace of mind and protects your most sensitive information, like your payment details. 

The encryption programme means another person never sees your card details, and that includes the bookmaker’s employees. You may have seen this at work when paying for items online. Most of your numbers are encoded, replaced by a series of XXXXs, which stops anyone copying your digits or using them.

Only bet with a licensed bookie

There are lots of online betting apps you can join, and they’ll all be sold as the best in the business. Yes, you want generous odds, a huge free bet and a modern smartphone app to increase your chances of beating the bookies. But none of this is anywhere near as important as your online security. 

Tips to keep yourself safe when gambling online

Check that a bookie is legal, licensed and regulated in your region. There should be license details at the bottom of the homepage. This information won’t be difficult to find as the bookie will be eager to show off the fact a respected body licenses them. 

Create secure login details

When signing up for an online betting account, you will be asked to create a username and password that will be used to access your account on future visits. These details work on desktop computers and smartphones and can be anything you decide. It’s important to create a username and password that is memorable to you, allowing quick access to your account, but not too obvious that it could be guessed by another person. 

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Tips to keep yourself safe when gambling online

You want to protect your personal account from scammers and hackers. Don’t use a username or password you have for other accounts, as if your account is hacked, they will use the same details on multiple accounts, including your betting and bank accounts. It’s also important that you don’t write down your login details anywhere, especially somewhere obvious. If you use a shared computer, please don’t allow the system to save your password or other details.

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