The Hottest US Presidents In History cover

The Hottest US Presidents In History

Who Is The Hottest US President? Taking A Look At Their Young Pics

We’ve seen distinguished photographs of the US Presidents when they already held office. But before they became the most powerful men in the world, some of them were quite the young heartbreakers!

We’ve compiled our list of the hottest US Presidents based on photos from their youth. Thanks to picture restoration, it’s easy to see who was winning hearts way before they ran for the presidency. Read on to find out who are our top picks for the most gorgeous former president!

6 US Presidents Who Were Total Hotties In Their Youth

Do you have a weakness for the clean-cut, all-American athlete, or do you prefer the quiet and bookish guys? We chose six US presidents who are all really good-looking in their own way. Scroll our list to learn more about them and what they looked like when they were younger!

1. John F. Kennedy

No list of hot US Presidents is complete without JFK! His boyish good looks were already apparent when he was a Harvard student. Combined with his powerful charisma, he successfully stumped for his seats in both houses of Congress.

John F Kennedy

Known for having actresses and debutantes fall at his feet, John F. Kennedy was a mere 43 years old when he became president. It was said that he won partially because he looked so much better than his rival, Richard Nixon, on TV during debates!

2. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was a handsome, blond Rhodes Scholar breaking hearts both in the US and Oxford, England, before he returned to graduate from Yale Law School. He was said to have many admirers as a young law professor in the University of Arkansas.

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Like JFK, Bill Clinton was known for being exceptionally charming during public appearances – and for numerous affairs with young, beautiful women. His affair with Monica Lewinsky nearly got him impeached out of office, yet he managed to stay in the Oval Office and left it with one of the highest ever end-of-term approval ratings

Bill Clinton

3. Ronald Reagan

Young Ronald Reagan was such a looker that his face took him all the way to Hollywood! He earned stardom on the silver screen in films such as Dark Victory and Kings Row, making him one of the more popular stars of his generation.

His fame and great looks carried well into his seventies during his presidential run. He was so well-known that he earned the most electoral votes of any U.S. president.

4. Warren Harding

Photos of the young Warren Harding show a gallant, Errol Flynn-esque gentleman in well-tailored suits. With his neatly trimmed mustache and piercing stare, young Warren was surely a hit with the ladies even before he became US President in 1921.

Alas, his dapper appearance hid corruption scandals and extramarital affairs, damaging his reputation after his term. Just goes to show that you can’t (always) trust a pretty face!

Warren Harding

5. Barack Obama

In his youth, Barack Obama was already a young and terribly handsome idealist. His thoughtful, calm manner was something he had even then as he successfully convinced his peers to make him the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review.

Young Barack Obama was a magnetic presence in any room, despite his laid-back demeanor. This explains how he manages to dominate public spaces without being intimidating or unapproachable!

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Barak Obama

6. Franklin D. Roosevelt

History students still comment on how seriously handsome Franklin D. Roosevelt was when he was younger. As a student at Harvard and Columbia Law, he was self-assured and known for his leadership abilities.

Before he was paralyzed by polio, he was also very athletic. Young FDR was a passionate golfer, sailor, and tennis player. He later brought this energy and ambition to politics, becoming president for an astounding four terms!

Franklin D Roosevelt

Help Your Family Reminisce And Restore Their Old Photos!

It’s surprising to already see the promise and dynamism of these US Presidents in their youthful good looks. Athletes, scholars, and community organizers, they were incredibly popular with so many voters. There’s no doubt that their handsomeness had something to do with it!

It’s fascinating to have a peek into their early years. Get inspired by their photos and have a peek at your own family’s old photo albums. Seeing what they looked like when they were young could stir up memories and wonderful stories from your relatives!

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