What Is The Best Way For Males & Females To Promote Hair Growth?

What Is The Best Way For Males & Females To Promote Hair Growth?

Hair growth is a long process and it is vastly different for men and women. This article will help you learn about the different ways to promote hair growth.

What Is The Best Way For Males & Females To Promote Hair Growth?

Promoting hair growth for both sexes starts with learning what kind of hair loss afflicts you. Common types include pattern baldness, alopecia areata, chemotherapy, thyroid problems, and many more. For pattern balding men, the cause is genetics and overproduction of dihydrotestosterone or DHT in their bodies that causes miniaturization of the follicles until no new hairs can grow out of them any longer.

For women suffering from female pattern baldness, it is caused by a mix of hormones during puberty which triggers genes responsible for blocking hair production. Also known as hormone-related female hair loss (HRFHL), this type of baldness is both genetic and affects women after menopause.

Hormones will play a large part in your hair health, so the next step to promoting hair growth is to get blood work done and bring it to your doctor for further analysis. If you’re eating the correct foods and exercising daily, but not seeing results then it might be time to check into what hormones could be causing this or if there are any other underlying health factors that need treatment before you can start growing new hair again. 

How Does Hair Grow? 

You’re born with about 100,000 hair follicles on your scalp. Each of the strands has a growth cycle and it takes about two to six years for them to complete it. During this time, you’ll shed some hair and new ones will grow in their place. Since new hair growth is a good sign, it is important to know the difference between new hair growth or breakage. The length each strand grows varies from person to person but most will be between half an inch and three inches long before falling out and starting a new cycle.

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Is Hair Growth Different For Men? 

Yes, men’s hair growth cycle is different than that of a woman. When it comes to male hormones, they are responsible for the accelerated balding process during which the follicles shrink and the hair gradually falls out. You can find more about that on Nisim International.

What Is The Best Way For Males & Females To Promote Hair Growth?

Men’s hair would usually grow an inch every month but this changes as they age. The hair on the top of their head grows to lengths of up to three inches while the hair on their temples falls out. Hair on the back and sides of their head remains stable.

What Can Men Do To Promote Hair Growth? 

Men can do a couple of things to promote hair growth. One is to let your scalp breathe and the second is to drink enough water per day. Scalp breathing will allow more blood circulation which will, in turn, promote hair growth. 

Drinking enough water will also promote hair growth because it helps the body detoxify from toxins that can be causing hair loss. You should also avoid drinking beverages that contain sugar as they can cause your body to release too much insulin which can result in hair loss as well as other problems.

What Can Women Do To Promote Hair Growth? 

A lot of women experience hair loss due to stress. The hair follicles are sensitive to stress hormones, which can cause them to shrink and prevent the smooth flow of blood in this area. This will lead to things like breakouts on your scalp, or even worse problems like thinning hair or excessive amounts of dandruff.

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As far as promoting healthy hair growth, women are advised to make sure their scalp is properly hydrated with oils that will promote blood circulation. One oil you should use is castor oil since it’s rich in Vitamin E, proteins, and minerals that enhance natural cell regeneration. You can also use coconut oil which helps increase blood flow to the scalp region resulting in hair growth.

What Other Factors Help In Hair Growth? 


Exercise is very good for the body and it also promotes hair growth. You should take exercise regularly to get good benefits on your health as well as hair growth. It will activate the blood circulation throughout your body including the scalp region where follicles are present. 

What Is The Best Way For Males & Females To Promote Hair Growth?

It is especially important for your scalp because it is not getting enough supply of blood due to the gravity effect. This stimulates the blood flow and increases oxygen supply to follicles and thus promoting hair growth naturally without causing any damage to the skin or other parts of your body.

Sufficient Sleep And Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep is very essential for your body because it helps to promote hair growth. The reason behind this is that during the daytime you are polluting your body with several types of toxins and chemicals which affect the blood flow in your scalp region. In order to reduce these effects, you should rest at least 8 hours per day.

In addition to this, during night time when there is no light, it will increase melatonin hormone production in your brain which also promotes hair growth by increasing blood supply throughout your scalp.

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What Is The Best Way For Males & Females To Promote Hair Growth?

Treatment For The Scalp And Hair

A good treatment for the skin and follicles will help to promote hair growth naturally without causing any damage or side effects to other parts of your body. There are different types of treatments such as shampoos, conditioners, and oils which help to keep your hair healthy by promoting blood circulation around the follicles.

Check Your Protein Intake 

You should be taking a high protein diet in order to promote hair growth naturally. Protein is essential for the body because it helps with many functions including cellular division which is very important for hair growth.

In addition to this, your intake of proteins should be more than your intake of carbohydrates and fat. A good level of proteins should be around 45% while a carbohydrate level should be below 50%. For example, if you are taking 1000 calories per day then 450 of them should come from proteins while 550 or fewer amount of calories can come from other sources like carbs and fats.

What Is The Best Way For Males & Females To Promote Hair Growth?

Ditch The Tight Ponytails 

Finally, most people nowadays suffer from hair loss problems due to the use of tight hairstyles like ponytails and buns. You should avoid these styles if you want to promote healthy hair growth naturally. Instead, you should opt for natural and loose hairstyles which allow airflow throughout the scalp region.

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