Four different types of facial piercings to transform your look

Four different types of facial piercings to transform your look

Facial piercings have been around for thousands of years, and their popularity shows no signs of fading. There are all sorts of different styles available both in terms of the type of jewelry and the location of the piercing – which means that it’s easy to find one which suits your personality and dress sense. Not only that, but it can also be a great way to transform your look this new year! Need some help narrowing down which type of facial piercing you want to get? Read on to discover four of the most popular options.

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A note on aftercare

Before we talk about the four specific facial piercings, it is important to discuss how to take care of whichever one you choose to get. Here are some top tips:

  • Choose a reputable and hygienic shop/clinic to get your piercing done
  • Take care not to bump or snag your new piercing on anything
  • Keep the area around your piercing clean (you can buy special solutions for this)
  • Always wash your hands before touching your new piercing
  • Eat healthily and stay hydrated to boost your body’s natural healing power
  • If you’re worried about infection or any other issues, ask your piercer – they’re the expert, and will be happy to help

Now, on to the piercings themselves!

1. Earrings

Earrings have long been one of the most common styles of piercing – but don’t think that makes them boring! In fact, there are more types of piercing available for your ears than you might expect. You can pick anywhere from the classic earlobe to outer ear piercings like the helix or more unusual choices like the tragus (the small patch of cartilage over your ear canal). Cartilage piercings are usually more painful than those in soft tissue like your earlobe, so bear that in mind and choose a piercing that matches your pain threshold

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2. Nose piercings

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Having your nose pierced is another popular choice and can be as subtle or striking as you like. For example, a delicate nose stud can be an elegant look while a stylish nose ring is more likely to turn heads. If you want something that will truly transform your image, you could get your septum pierced (the thin section of cartilage between your nostrils) or even the bridge of your nose!  

3. Lip piercings

Lip piercings give off a wonderful punk rock vibe, and again there are plenty of styles to choose from. You can opt for a bar or a ring, either in the center of your lip or to the side. There’s also the option to have a stud above and to the side of your lips, in the same place as a beauty spot.

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4. Eyebrow piercings

Getting your eyebrow pierced can help you to achieve a rebellious look and is also one of the least painful places to get pierced. You can choose between a bar or a hoop depending on your personal preference and draw more attention to your eyes either way. If you can’t choose which eyebrow to have pierced, you could always get both done!

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