An Edgar haircut styling guide - All about Fashion Trend Look

An Edgar haircut styling guide – All about Fashion Trend Look

Are you Looking for a sharp, crop, and trendy haircut which looks perfect on your angular or oval face? If so, you need to try the Edgar haircut. What’s this haircut, how does it look, and what are the different ways to style it according to your hair type? Let us brief you! About Fashion Trend Look.

Jonathan Louth by Edgar Vazquez for L’Officiel Baltics

What is Edgar haircut?

Edgar haircut features a sharp and straight fringe line that could be anywhere, over the forehead. It could be either right over your eyebrows, in the middle of your forehead, or meets the hairline. It’s a blend of Caesar haircut with the Mexican, Latin, and Hispanic haircuts, which look like an inverted hair bowl. That’s another reason why Edgar haircut is also called the hood bowl. 

Different ways to style your Edgar haircut

By now, you’ve known the defining features of this haircut, but now, we are going to discuss some ideas about how to style your Edgar as per your taste. So, dive in and explore the trendy Edgar cut that will look appealing to you. 

  1. Spikes + Edgar

Try this styling hack if you can’t maintain that classic Edgar look and want to add a flair of fashion to your Edgar cut. Herein, the spikes, preferably the long spikes, are added to the edger, making the final haircut look edgier and sharper. Hair from the back is trimmed smoothly to blend into the Edgar while the sides are undercut neatly.

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  1. Classic Edgar

Those with dense and thick hair should give this type of Edgar cut a try. This classic haircut features a high bald fringe fade, trimmed bluntly, from the front side while the sides and back are smoothly and neatly blended into the Edgar section. The best thing about this classic Edgar is that it doesn’t require too much maintenance and styling. Just comb them throughout the length, and it will look as fresh as new. 

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  1. High fade + Edgar
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Pair your Edgar with the high fades from back and sides, and you’ll see how every passerby notices you with admiration. In this Edgar cut, the hair on top and center are trimmed with more texture while the sides and back are trimmed in high fades. In this way, the front and center grab the greater attention and make your face look more angular and sharp. 

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We love the Edgar haircut meme the most because it gives the maximum freedom when it comes to styling. For example, you can choose how to trim your hair from all the sides while maintaining the straight fringe from the front. 

All types of tapered undercuts, and fades, including low, medium, trample, temper, and high fades, look incredibly stunning with it. 

Jonathan Louth by Edgar Vazquez for L'Officiel Baltics

Likewise, it’s completely up to you to style it, depending upon your hair texture. For example, if you want to make your Edgar fringe look sleek and straight, style them up with the help of a blow-dry and straightener. 

On the other hand, to style the front-side straight fringe in curls, get help from the styling/curling products. So try out this most trendy haircut today and conquer the world of trends! 

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