Wearing Blue Sapphire Attracts Abundance

The magical blue sapphire also more popularly known as Neelam, is more than what meets the eye! The word “Sapphire” in blue sapphire has a Greek origin translating to blue. Rightly so, as the gemstone is a pure dazzle of midnight blue. If you have been browsing through the gemstone online, you must have come across this dazzle of wonderment in deep blue. This is a marked gemstone used in all royal affairs, such as adorning a crown, wedding rings or even grand statements!

It has the lustre of glass and is also highly merited for its hardness being second to Diamond. Sapphire is one of the most beautiful and precious gemstones loved and adorned by people across the world. The more likely in the specie are the yellow and blue sapphire. Neelam as it’s called demonstrates wisdom and royalty through its gemstone, and is often found to be known as the best of all the gemstones. It is a highly auspicious stone and often found to be feared by people because of its variant attributes. The precious stone is found in a wide array of hues and hints of blues. Despite of being a royal stone the effects of the stone remains to balance and keep the wearer as close to humility as possible.

The most valued however is clear deep blue. Though the gemstone can also be found in yellow, orange, and golden. This can also be found in transparent or colourless variety known as white sapphire. You can Buy Blue Sapphire Stone Online that can commonly be found in pegmatites or also called water-worn pebbles placed near alluvial deposits.

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Going back in time, in the ancient or medieval times, and for ancient generations the blue Sapphire was seen as indicating hope and belief, as this precious gemstone bestowed to its wearer and provides good fortune along with spiritual benefits. Despite of being the stone of power and protection the gemstone also signified kindness and wise judgement. If a Greek legend was to be believed the Sapphire was worn for wisdom, on the other hand the Buddhists affirmed the stone would enhance devotion and enlightenment in them from within. The Hindus believed it to be one of the most popular gems with a lot of astrological and spiritual significance, which is why it was used as an offering in the temples and often times also as an element of balancing any planetary influences in the ascendant’s natal chart. In fact in Christianity, the blue sapphire was used in ecclesiastical rings. This was coveted by the kings themselves for the power of protection.

Let us learn about the stone’s planetary relevance. The zodiac that is associated to this precious stone is Capricorn. The planet Saturn is the lord that corresponds to it. And the wearer when wears it on a saturday, then it advantageously benefits them. These benefits include, wisdom, integrity, , spiritual achievement trough humbleness, discipline, dedication, patience and non-attachment. The stone also benefits the wearer by making their lives long and healthy as well as helps them gain leadership qualities. People have used this gemstone jewelry to prevent diseases like paralysis, rheumatisms, asthma, bones and teeth problems.

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The great legends have it, that when a blue sapphire is used as a mystical method or talisman, it ensures chastity, prevents fraud or harm from far for the wearer, guards against problems and poison, epidemics, fever, skin diseases, and significantly wards off or removes black magic from the wearer. The precious stone is also popularly known as a healing ailment for the eyes, expands and multiplies concentration. The same stone on the other hand if is worn by an intemperate or impious person the gemstone would turn useless. The stone basically functions on the intentions and intent of the person. 

Contemporarily, this breathtakingly gorgeous gemstone is adorned to gain wisdom. Wearing a Neelam is in itself a sign that the wearer is a person with great learning, cognitive sharpness and psychic aptitude. People on the spiritual walks of life prefer to wear it, as it heals the mind, promotes the ability to meditate and concentrate.  The deep blue aura reinstates order and discipline that helps the person to penetrate the superficiality and approach the truth that stays within. The blue sapphire is in sync with the calmness of the mind and restoring the mental waves to move in sync with positive vibes. It wards off the tension and any kind of stress.  It lets the wearer embark upon a journey that allows opening of the mind to internal beauty and instincts. It restores positivity and joy, and brings everything to a balance within the physical body that ultimately improves health.

It is also known to invigorates the throat and the third eye Chakras. The simple clarification to why and how it enables a spiritual insight and a more wholesomeness in understanding of one’s own life. The precious stone is connected with Saturn and so the effects are karmic and dependent on your intentions. The Sapphire’s power to transform negative thoughts into positive energy makes it highly effective for Chakra healing.

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You can buy gemstone online after getting reliable and proper guidance from your astrologer. Do check out some trusted websites such as GemPundit and other similar ones. But do ensure that the store is an authentic and reliable source, because the market is sprawling with synthetic version of these gemstones that look exactly the same. Get yourself a Neelam of an excellent quality, great clarity with minimal inclusions and an appropriate weight in carats.

The blue precious stone also stands for love, loyalty and commitment, probably the reason why it is worn as an engagement ring. On the other hand, in the event of a divorce or separation, it is suggested to get rid of any Sapphire jewellery that is gifted by the spouse. These are stones that make attachment the connections causing bitter feelings.

As we know sapphire is a gemstone with a really hard structure, which is second best to diamond, it is widely used in an array of industrial application as well such as, in watches, scientific instruments, electronics, and more.

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