How to Find the Best Gifts for Your Best Man

How to Find the Best Gifts for Your Best Man

One of the most glorious components from wedding prep through your wedding day is getting to kick it with your groomsmen. Those dudes are YOUR DUDES and will be forever. But there’s a king among them: Your Best Man. 

How to Find the Best Gifts for Your Best Man

And whether your best man is a friend you connected with a little later in life, a buddy since childhood or a beloved brother, you can trust that this dude is gonna play a key role in your life for the rest of your days. 

Pair that eternal bond with a recognition of all the time and money that dude has sacrificed to be with you, from bachelor party prep ’til the deal is sealed when you don one of the freshest men’s wedding bands the world has ever seen, and something becomes abundantly clear: You need to be sure and thank that dude with a truly balling gift. 

That’s the topic for the day, gentlemen — hooking up your best man with an appropriately badass gift. So let’s dip into a little exercise here and get those creative juices flowing. You can follow any one of these recommendations to a tee, or maybe you’ll find a little nugget in here that sends you on a unique path. 

Gifts That Give and Give

We don’t want to make a bunch of assumptions about your best man, but we can’t help but postulate that dude probably likes beer. And if he really likes beer, go ahead and open up that tap with a beer-of-the-month membership. It’s not hard to find good options for companies that can keep your dude in beer, but if you want a solid rec, consider these beer-loving savants

How to Find the Best Gifts for Your Best Man

Or maybe he’s more of a sports dude than a beer dude. If he lives near where his favorite squad plays, consider hooking him up with a package of season tickets. You can do this without breaking the bank, but if that feels a little spendy, consider hooking him up with subscriptions to watch his favorite team(s) online. 

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But what if your dude doesn’t like beer or sports? Hmm, strange. Gotta be into cheese, then, right? 

A Watch for That Bloke

You know something that’s a damn shame: Those phones we all tote around are turning fashion-statement timepieces into something of a relic. Pardon our language, but f*^% that. Timepieces are timeless. And when it comes to providing something for your dude that comes all wrapped up in delicious symbolism, a watch checks some critical boxes. Think about it: the dude’s been with you since the dawn of broship, and he’ll be with you till that meteor comes blasting our way (sorry for getting a little dark, but you get the picture). 

So why not give that fella a truly badass timepiece? Every time he glances at the watch, he’ll think about you — his dear buddy — and his mind will travel back to that epic wedding weekend.

Something That Reflects the Depth of Your Bond

What brought you guys together? Little League? High school? College? First job? HE’S YOUR DAMN BROTHER? Whatever your origin story, try to find something that captures your history. We can’t really guide you on a precise path here because we don’t know you, man. 

But how about a scenario like this: You guys became best bros while crushing Little League dingers with the same Easton Black Magic. Snag one of those bats, write a nice little personalized message on there and then toss that thing in an attractive baseball bat display case.

You get the point. Put some thought into your relationship, and give that dude something that harkens back to it. 

How to Find the Best Gifts for Your Best Man

Classic Dudeliness

If your best man is one of those dudes who likes to get down with the retro, consider gifting him an old-school shave kit with new-school appeal. If you’re down with this recommendation, consider a kit from the Original Shave Company, where they are waging an endless battle against the hirsute and generally unkempt. 

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You know something else that practically oozes with classic dudeliness? An at-home cocktail kit. It’s hard to imagine a guy who wouldn’t be happy to have the tools to craft perfect cocktails at home. If you wanna go that route, take a stroll down this curated list

Don’t Forget the Other Dudes

We’re here going on and on about your best man as though the rest of your groomsmen are a bunch of chumps, which they most certainly are not. Those dudes are gonna be with you for the long haul, too. And, indeed, they’ve all made significant sacrifices to join the crew. So you gotta hook up each and every one of them. 

How to Find the Best Gifts for Your Best Man

This doesn’t have to be some expensive, elaborate gift. Consider personalized flasks and a bottle of good booze to fill ’em up with. Just be sure and recognize these gentlemen, gentleman. 

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