How To Do Male Makeup For Formal Events

How To Do Male Makeup For Formal Events

More than ever before, it’s clear that males apply cosmetics. The trend is now out to the public is no longer hidden behind The Beauty Boys of Instagram or the more subtle “your skin but better” approach used by many male celebrities on the red carpet. Since you snuck a dab of your sister’s concealer to hide a pimple, men’s makeup has gone a long way. 

How To Do Male Makeup For Formal Events

When it comes to getting ready for a date—especially for men—there are now products expressly designed for men’s skin. Because we assumed one more drink wouldn’t kill us, we ended up with black bags under our eyes, after a 50-hour workweek, the wrinkles in the skin.

If you’ve ever seen RuPaul’s Drag Race and seen the fantastic, contoured artistry, you know that male makeup is supposed to be completely undetectable. “Grooming 2.0” is more like daily moisturizing with an Instagram filter slapped on your face in real life. Disagree on what it means to be a man if you want to. 

Neither of us is going to do it. We don’t believe it’s a revolution or feminization gone awry in the traditional sense of the word. It’s merely an option that you may choose to use or not use to fine-tune your look. If so, here are a few suggestions from a makeup artistry school online on how to apply male makeup for formal occasions.

Tips on how to apply masculine makeup for a formal occasion

1. Determine your shade

Choosing the proper shade of makeup for guys is the most critical consideration in most cases. You’ll want to pick a concealer, foundation, or color corrector that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Before investing in any significant cosmetics, you should determine your skin tone.

How To Do Male Makeup For Formal Events

Try some affordable samples at your local drugstore or Sephora, where a technician can match your color and assist you in choosing the best items for your skin tone. Stepping into natural light may tell you whether or not your makeup is the proper hue. Check your work using a mirror or a selfie on your phone when you’re finished. Choose a better shade for your skin tone if the makeup on your face sticks out rather than blends in.

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2. Apply eyeshadow primer to the eyelids.

When it comes to both sexes, eye care should be a priority. Eye cleansing gels are gentle enough for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Cucumber extract and eye pads are the greatest ingredients for eye washing solutions since they relax and cool the skin. Ten minutes after the skin has been cleaned, apply eye gels to the area around the eyes. Using an eye cream that absorbs quickly is the last step in treating dark circles.

How To Do Male Makeup For Formal Events

3. Moisturize your neck and face

To keep the face and neck appearing fresher, we’ll now focus on treating the remainder of our face as well. Moisturize your face and neck by patting it in with your fingertips. For a more relaxed and peaceful appearance, go for cooling moisturizing creams.

4. Apply for less coverage

If you’re searching for a product that provides a lot of coverage, you may want to opt for a slightly lighter product. The downside of using thicker concealers and foundations is that they may leave more of your skin’s texture exposed. Even if it doesn’t cover zits and blemishes entirely, a sheerer application will seem more natural.

How To Do Male Makeup For Formal Events

5. Lip balm is essential.

It is best to use lip balm. Men’s lips are particularly vulnerable to drying out, so they must be well-moisturized. Don’t forget about them! Lips that are dry and chapped are never a pleasant thing to have. Make sure your lips don’t seem glossy or like they’re covered in lip gloss by using a matte lip balm.

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