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The world may have stopped in many ways during 2020, thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, but that has not prevented women from getting online and refreshing their wardrobe and accessories. In fact, there has been a boom in online shopping in the fashion market, and one area that has been especially strong is that of designer handbags.

Always a vital accessory, the handbag is the one piece that can set an outfit perfectly. Choose the right handbag and you can look the part as well as adding that practical touch to your outfit. The only problem is which design or brand do you buy? We took a look at designer bags from the website of the same name, which sells only top quality brands at great prices, and here are some of the highlights we found.

The Furla Range of Quality Bags

There is something special about Furla, a brand that stands proud in the world of designer bags. Part of the reason for this is that unlike some Italian brands, some 80% of its products are made in Italy in their own factories. The brand is focused on top quality leather handbags covering a variety of styles – the range we looked at included some wonderful colour options among which we love the natural brown examples – and quality fittings, such as cleverly designed metal clasps and locks. 

This is a unique brand that often sets designer handbag trends rather than following them, and further appeal comes from the sensible prices which are something of a bargain when compared to some other brands. WE like Furla for the variety of styles, so there should be something among their current collection to suit all tastes. 

Gucci for Style

We couldn’t write a handbag review – or any fashion item to be honest – without mentioning Gucci, which has established itself as one of the leading names in quality designer fashion. The range at Designer Bags includes a wide selection of different styles, as Gucci caters for the simple yet elegant bag suitable for a night on the town as well as more upmarket examples perfect for special occasions. 

Using only the finest quality leather and made in Italy by craftsmen with many years of experience, a Gucci bag is not just a bag, it’s a statement that you are someone with a discerning taste in fashion. These bags are built to last a lifetime with exceptional workmanship, and while they are more expensive than some brands, every girl needs a Gucci bag in her life!

Why We Love Love Moschino

For many people, the word ‘handbag’ conjures up an image of Lady Margaret Thatcher as UK Prime Minister, complete with her dour, trademark handbag that became an icon. Yet look at the Love Moschino range of bags and you could not be further away! That’s because this is a range designed for the young, vibrant woman who is out for fun and laughter, and who likes to dress how they want not how they are expected to. 

Featuring highly original designs, often with wild and colourful logos and prints defining them, the Love Moschino bags are quality and usually made from synthetic materials for durability and to help make them among the most affordable of all. You may be able to buy five of these for the price of a Gucci model, but that doesn’t mean they’re down-market. Fun and frivolous, yet designed for use and practical, Love Moschino bags should be high on your list if you love a touch of fun with your fashion. 

Michael Kors Traditional Style

Certain designs and styles appeal to different types of people. To us, the current range of very stylish and high-quality Michael Kors handbags will appeal to the professional woman, one who carries some weight in the boardroom. Always neat and tidy, and with original design touches that are nicely observed, Michael Kors is a brand that sits mid-way between the up-market expensive brands and the high street designers, and it is fast becoming a popular name. 

The current range is focused on earthy, muted colours that could match with any outfit and follows a traditional style that is never out of trend. Usually made from the very finest leather and with a choice of two or single-handled designs, this range covers all the sizes and you will certainly look the part when you carry this into your next meeting. 

Emporio Armani Italian Style

Offering a range of handbags that covers all the different types, there is bound to be a handbag among the Emporio Armani collection that appeals. This is carefully considered collection from a brand with a lengthy history and a rich reputation for superb quality bags, and with the finest materials used to create some quite exquisite designs you will find the prices are surprisingly sensible when compared to brands of similar quality and stature.

Emporio Armani Men’s Spring 2021

Following the current trend for less notable colours – beige, brown and blue are popular here – Emporio Armani is a brand favoured by women of all ages, and these bags are suited to occasions such as a shopping trip, a party, or simply for taking to work. A bag from this brand will not cost you the earth but will look great wherever you take it, and there’s no let down on practicality either. Quite simply, one of the best brands out there. 

Final Words

A handbag remains the must-have accessory and while we haven’t talked about all the brands you can browse at Designer Bags, we hope we’ve given you a good idea of the choice available. If you’re looking for a new bag – or more than one – we strongly recommend you check out the website as they have excellent prices that undercut rival outlets. With a simple to use, safe and secure online payment system and fast delivery, you’ll find this is the place to go for the best deals on designer bags and the most impressive range of choice.

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