3 Tips for Men to Take a Perfect Instagram Selfie

3 Tips for Men to Take a Perfect Instagram Selfie

Being home to over a billion users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet today. While there are a variety of different photos that can be taken and posted on Instagram, selfies are likely the most popular. They are quick, casual, and easy to take wherever you are. 

3 Tips for Men to Take a Perfect Instagram Selfie

Unfortunately, while taking a selfie is easy, taking a great one can be a little more challenging. It can take a lot of time and effort to finally get the right selfie that looks the way you want. And if you are going to post the photo on Instagram, you want to ensure it looks as good as possible, of course.

Without any further ado, let’s go over some great tips for men who are trying to take the perfect selfie for Instagram.

Choose the Right Pose and Angle

Arguably the most important part of any photo (selfie or otherwise) is the pose you decide to choose. The way you position your body and head can have a major impact on how the photo turns out. Be sure to experiment with different poses, until you find one that you like. Take time to get more info about awesome selfie poses for males, as that can help you decide as well.

Also, consider the angle of the camera. While a straight-on photo can look good, it isn’t the only option you have. Consider raising the camera a bit and looking up to it, as it can help your jaw appear stronger and improve your jawline as a whole. Also, try taking photos from the side a little bit, too.

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3 Tips for Men to Take a Perfect Instagram Selfie

Find Your Background

A selfie focuses on you, but there is also a background to think about. You don’t want to simply choose any background for your selfie. It shouldn’t be distracting, but should also look good and not clash against what you’re wearing. Also, be careful of anything gross, unsavory, or inappropriate being in the background. We tend to think about ourselves and how we look when evaluating selfies, but there is certainly more to think about.

While you are the subject of a photo like a selfie, people will often look at the background, and you want to ensure they won’t find anything that will ruin the photo. In general, most plain backgrounds will work well, and any room that isn’t full of crazy colors or shapes can likely serve well as a background for a selfie. Of course, if this is going to be a professional photo of some kind, you want to ensure the background is as plain as possible, in most cases.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

Another factor that is very important to how a selfie looks is the lightning. The importance of lighting in photography is well known, and simply changing the lighting of a photo can completely alter how it looks and feels. The right light can make an already-great photo look even better, while poor lighting can ruin a photo that otherwise had potential.

3 Tips for Men to Take a Perfect Instagram Selfie

When taking a selfie, using natural light is generally best. It is flattering for just about anyone, and will soften the skin and help you look great. If possible, natural light during the early morning or early evening is often the best.

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If this isn’t available for one reason or another, try to find the softest and most flattering artificial light that you can. They make specific selfie ring lights that can be good, but a lamp or other light in your home might work well, too.

All of these tips will be able to ensure you take a great selfie that will look perfect on your Instagram page.

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