Black Tie for the Tables: Why dressing smart gets you noticed

Black Tie for the Tables: Why dressing smart gets you noticed

Before you and your boys head out on a casino night out, you may want to double-check the casino dress code. Many casinos enforce a dress code, and if you don’t meet the standard, you won’t be getting inside. Even when the casino has a more relaxed dress code, you may want to dress up for the chance of free drinks, free food and possibly even free bets. Learn more here.

What is the casino dress code?

Casino dress codes can vary widely between locations and establishments. Whereas some will let you enter wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, others may require shoes, trousers, a shirt and even a jacket – no matter the weather.

It used to be the case that getting into a casino required the men to be in tuxedos or suits, and the women had to be wearing cocktail dresses. But PartyCasino suggests this trend is dying out, with the majority of casinos swinging “more liberally and barely have any dress code at all”. Yet, this hasn’t stopped some gamblers from sticking with their sophisticated attire.

How did the dress code begin?

The casino dress code started out as a way for people from high society to show off their wealth. The casino floor of today is predominantly a way to make your way from different games and slot machines, but in the past, it was also a catwalk for the rich and famous.

Black Tie for the Tables: Why dressing smart gets you noticed

Why do people still dress smart at a casino?

Even when a strict dress code is not enforced, patrons still like to dress in their best threads. There are many reasons for this. The first is that it adds to the occasion. Having a night out at the casino can be even better when you and all of your friends have put in some extra effort. It creates a cool photo opportunity for your socials, or it could make you and your gang feel like James Bond.

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Another reason to dress-to-impress when visiting a casino, especially when you don’t have to, is that it could get you noticed by the casino manager. If you look like a successful person with a lot of money, whether it’s right or wrong, you may find yourself getting special treatment from the casino. You may be given free drinks, free food or a line of credit to wager on your favourite casino games. Of course, if the casino manager believes you’re a high roller because of your appearance, and then you proceed to only wager small bets all evening, you shouldn’t expect to get the same treatment on your next visit.  

So, if you cant decide between a casual t-shirt or your best suit, maybe it will be worth putting on the suit. And if you really can’t decide, you could always just play at an online casino instead, where you can even play in your birthday suit.

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