Tips For The Working Man on How to Regain Confidence in Bed

Tips For The Working Man on How to Regain Confidence in Bed

Most of us can presumably affirm this fact: how a person is feeling about their body has a direct impact on how they feel about sex. It can be difficult to get into a sexy mindset, be in the moment, and concentrate on enjoying sexual encounters when you don’t feel good about yourself. It is natural for humans to lack confidence in every aspect of their lives. From imposter syndrome at work to body insecurity, it’s a constant struggle that we face more often than we’d like to admit. But if there’s one subject we don’t discuss enough with our friends and family, it’s being self-conscious in the bedroom.

Tips For The Working Man on How to Regain Confidence in Bed

A lack of sex confidence does not indicate that something is wrong with you, and whether it’s due to trauma, culture, or the familial surroundings in which you were raised, there is a way to undo those negative thought patterns and reformat your sexual narrative. Here are a few things people can do to boost their confidence in bed and prepare for any blows to their self-esteem which may come their way.

Being Present

During sex, most people are often guilty of getting caught up in a different thought. They’re concerned about how they appear, the strange face their partner just made, or whether they’re performing their sex moves correctly. One of the best ways to boost your confidence in bed is to practice being in the moment. If an individual can embrace the sights, feelings, and sensations of what’s going on, those satisfactions can overpower performance anxieties. Mindfulness practice, in particular, can enable some people to become more aware and concentrated on their bodily experiences during sex.

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Improve your Physique

Tips For The Working Man on How to Regain Confidence in Bed

Working on your appearance has nothing to do with how your partner perceives you. Furthermore, it is about how you perceive yourself. Nobody feels their best after gaining a few pounds. So, rather than worrying about it and losing confidence in bed, do anything to make yourself feel better.

Go to the gym frequently, join a neighborhood basketball league, or start hiking or riding bikes. Most pertinently, try to combine something you enjoy with physical activities. It will feel less like a workout this way. As a result, you’ll like what you see in the mirror, and your confidence will shine through in the bedroom. Confidence is seductive!

Do What you’re Proficient In

Creativity, listening, and an openness to improvement are all excellent qualities to possess in the bedroom. However, in order to increase your self-confidence, you must first learn what you are best at and then focus on that skill to become the best you can be.

For example, are you skilled at foreplay? Allow it to sit for a little longer than usual. Will you be able to outlast the average guy? Showcase it to her. Do you have a good kissing ability? Kiss as long as you can. A job worth doing, like anything else in life, is worth doing well, and this is never more significant than in your sex life.

Additionally, read, study, and pay attention to your spouse and what makes her tick. Fully understanding what turns your mate on and how they prefer to be sexually satisfied can increase your sex confidence. And keep in mind that, as with any skill, practice makes perfect.

Consider Edging

Edging is a masturbation tactic in which a man gets as close to reaching orgasm as possible before stopping to postpone orgasm. This method helps in delaying ejaculation time, which is a major concern, and many men report that it tends to result in a more intense orgasm (eventually). Rather than obsessing over orgasm, edging can increase a man’s confidence in his ability to control his arousal and give him a better appreciation of the diverse enjoyable sensations of sex.

Remove the Gremlin

Tips For The Working Man on How to Regain Confidence in Bed

The inner gremlin of self-doubt is a bully. It can berate and chastise you all day if you let it. When negativity bullies you, it’s time to simply stand up to it. Would you just take it if a real-life bully berated or humiliated you, or would you fight back? Exactly. So, address that negative gremlin in the same way you would any other rude person. Also, if you don’t think you’d say those things to your friends, do you think their new partner will be sexually disappointed in them? Obviously not. Get rid of the gremlin.

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Fear is Deceptive Evidence that Appears to be True

Fear isn’t just a mental illness; it’s also a passion killer. If you’re scared, ask yourself some questions. What am I afraid of? What could possibly go wrong? Why am I lacking in self-assurance? Then (and this is critical), challenge those thoughts and begin looking for evidence to disprove the negativity you already have. You will be able to find evidence that there were times when you were confident and felt great; you just have to allow yourself to look for it. Remember that confidence is a feeling that is created by a thought, so examine your thoughts and alter your feelings. It’s entirely up to you.


Laughter is a powerful tool in life, and it’s no different in the bedroom. It was discovered that a person’s ability to laugh in a sexual context was significantly related to high sexual desire in both men and women when it was studied how relationship factors affect sexual desire. Laughing with (rather than at) a partner about what goes wrong can relieve tension, keep the focus on the positive, and make both people feel more connected.

Tips For The Working Man on How to Regain Confidence in Bed

Visualize Your Success

According to experts, this method of boosting confidence is popular among men. This see-it-and-achieve-it approach is an alternative for men who dislike the idea of planning for the worst-case scenario. It entails visualizing the ideal sexual encounter in which everything goes perfectly, then going into the actual session believing that the success you envisioned is well within reach.

Make Use of Soft Sex

Nothing scares some men more than a soft penis during the act. Erections naturally wax and wane during intercourse, and this does not imply that the man is defective or that he is not sufficiently attracted to his partner. It’s nothing to be concerned about as long as it’s not a recurring problem. Find pleasurable ways to continue sex while soft instead. Many sexual activities do not necessitate having an erection.

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Before Going to Bed, Unwind

It’s critical to create a relaxing buffer between the stresses of work and family life and bedtime. Date nights are a great way to relive those heady days when you first met and the relationship was new and exciting. Even something as simple as curling up on the couch with a couple of episodes of a favorite show on catch-up can be soothing before bed.

Dim the Lights

This trick works every time if you want to feel confident. Just turn down the lights when you’re having sex. We’re sure you’ve heard of this before; try it out and you’ll see how well it works.

Dress to Impress

So, you may believe that looking your best and going to the gym are synonymous. There is, however, a significant difference. It’s one thing to be confident in your body image, but it’s quite another to look your best. For example, go shopping for a new outfit with a female or male friend who always looks good. Putting together a new look can boost your self-esteem, attracting more ladies to you.

Consider getting a haircut, growing a beard, or shaving the one you already have. Begin caring for your skin by using moisturizing body washes and men’s skincare products. Not only will you feel and look better, but the smell of a clean man is a huge turn-on for many women. Now, I’m not suggesting you go full-on metrosexual; simply make some cosmetic changes that you’re comfortable with.


Being self-assured in bed necessitates more than just a positive attitude and sexual prowess. Being confident in bed means being confident in everything you do. As a result, you’ll carry yourself with more confidence, smile more, and attract more potential partners. Furthermore, having confidence in bed is about learning and improving your sexual skills, rather than worrying about being perfect and instead focusing on simply pleasing your partner. So put on a happy face, ask her what makes her scream, and get in there and do your best.

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