5 Best Hairstyles for Men (2022)

5 Best Hairstyles for Men (2022)

A man’s crowning glory is his hair. This remains relevant in 2022, as new hairstyles start to trend and old ones are coming back with a vengeance. In this article, we will look into the top — that is, the best-looking — hairstyles that made it to 2022, and will likely remain a solid choice for chic gentlemen for the years to come. 

1. Undercut with Long Fringe

The undercut has been trendy in the first half of the past century and has seen complete revival in recent years. It simply works for all sorts of face shapes and hair types. For guys with thick hair, though, a nice fade undercut and a long fringe would look really cool. 

5 Best Hairstyles for Men (2022)

2. Short Textured Spikes

If you want to go short, why not make it stylish as well? Go for a textured look and soup it up with some nice spikes. This rather classic look remains in fashion in 2022 and works for practically all occasions. 

5 Best Hairstyles for Men (2022)

3. Tapered Curls

Tapered curls do not only look great in women. It works well with men, too, as curls take the trending loose and textured men’s hairstyles up a notch. 

5 Best Hairstyles for Men (2022)

4. Ultra Short Fade 

Fades add a great touch to really short haircuts like buzz cuts, and they easily make your hair blend seamlessly with the rest of your visage. It works great with a color that contrasts with your skin.

5 Best Hairstyles for Men (2022)

5. Ponytail

The ponytail is never out of style, especially for men with very long hair. Take it up to another level by adding great mens hair pieces UK hair stores are selling. 

5 Best Hairstyles for Men (2022)5 Best Hairstyles for Men (2022)

2022 certainly is a year of interesting men’s hairstyles, and it may be about time you try something new with your top. Regardless of your choice — long or short, straight or curly, neat or messy — remember that it is an extension of your identity. Feel free to define your look with a great haircut that does not only look good in the mirror but one that will make you feel great and proud about yourself.

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