5 Crystals and Stones Men Should Have

5 Crystals and Stones Men Should Have

There are many beautiful crystals that speak to their individuality and attractiveness for males. Men are turning to crystals for male energy as spiritual activities such as yoga, meditation, and feng shui become increasingly prominent.

Zen and Stone address every aspect of self-care that is necessary. You may achieve your inner peace and balance via aromatherapy, crystals, meditation, and incorporating zodiac signs in your everyday activities. Zen and Stone teach you how to cure yourself from the inside out via various approaches.

The energy of men and women is distinct. They’re naturally fundamentally opposed. But when men and women work together with purpose, they may achieve the ideal state of harmony. To be clear: every crystal may potentially be used by anybody, but the differential between crystals for men and women is real.

Malachite for love, transformation, and balance

Malachite may help you open up to love if you want to find a companion or start a new relationship. With intense male energy, Malachite may help you understand patterns of conduct that don’t benefit you since it relates to the heart. Breaking destructive behaviors in relationships is encouraged so that you may open yourself up to accept love, as well as learn to provide it to others.

Crystal practice: Place a malachite crystal on the crown of your head to stimulate the heart chakra.

Tiger’s eye for prosperity, will-power, and strength

Connect with a tiger’s eye crystal for a boost of confidence. This stone asks you to gaze into the tiger’s eye and confront your anxieties. You can conquer your fears after you’ve recognized and understood them. Tiger’s eye helps you overcome your fear of change, the fear of the unknown, or even the fear of asking for a promotion.

Crystal practice: Keep a tight grip on the tiger’s eye crystal with your dominant hand while standing erect. Then, while holding your crystal in a power position, declare aloud, “I am brave.”

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Black tourmaline for cleansing, protection, and dispelling negativity

Black tourmaline is like an energetic personal guardian. It protects you from harmful energy by absorbing it and dissipating it.

Crystal practice: Carry a black tourmaline crystal with you, or place one at the entrance to your house or business and in the corners to guard against negative energy.

Shungite for purifying and neutralizing

Shungite is perfect for anybody who spends a lot of time in front of a screen and needs an energy boost.

Crystal practice: Make sure your laptop, phone, or workstation is protected and cleansed by placing a shungite crystal there.

Pyrite for abundance, luck, and wealth

Pyrite may help you achieve your financial and professional goals. If you put your mind to it, you may attract money and plenty with this crystal’s golden shine. Remind yourself to focus on your objectives by placing pyrite at strategic locations throughout your home or office.

Crystal practice: If you want to bring money into your life, keep a pyrite crystal in your wallet.

If you want to use gemstones to achieve a particular goal, don’t forget to follow your intuition. Do not harvest anything negative from this plant, no matter how drawn you are to it by its aesthetic, texture, or suggested metaphysical potency.

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