4 Men's Watch Styles You Need in Your Collection

4 Men’s Watch Styles You Need in Your Collection

While many women love to collect luxurious bags and shoes, many men love having a watch collection. There’s nothing more satisfying for them than owning unique watches that make them feel a sense of achievement and purpose. With such a diverse variety of brands, styles, and designs in the watch industry today, you can definitely find something right up to your alley.

4 Men's Watch Styles You Need in Your Collection

Buying a watch is more than experiencing that shopping journey. Often, men who are keen on watches and their history buy a brand or model because of its culture, purpose, and background. Some intend to tell a story through the watch they’re wearing.

Whether you’re a horologist or a simple watch enthusiast who’s looking for a watch to be added to your collection, here are some must-own watch styles for men you should check out:

  1. Dive Watch 

Dive watches are literally for diving missions and come with life-saving functions, too. Dive watches make excellent men’s watches. Whether you dive professionally or love diving as a hobby, it’s essential to own a divers watch.

A dive watch with a unidirectional bezel and luminous hands allows divers to monitor and time dives in low-light conditions. There are ocean-ready dive watches available on the market today, and all you have to do is consider the right features and depth capacities. 

First and foremost, dive watches serve as safety and life-saving instruments. Standard dive watches are water-resistant for up to 300 meters. They come with three-hand displays and allow you to read times clearly even when diving and swimming in murky waters. 

  1. Digital Watch 

For modern men, digital watches are a must-have. They offer style and make you feel sleek and dapper. A masculine aesthetic goes well with them because they’re rugged, practical, and tough. A digital watch is a multifunction, tech-savvy version of its analog counterpart. It’s sporty, fashionable, and always ready-to-go, all at the same time—perfect for men who have active lifestyles. 

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It’s more cost-effective to purchase a digital watch rather than an analog one. For one, it has a sturdy design and structure. Some models can be operated through solar power, making them a sustainable choice. Depending on your digital watch, there are broad functions associated with some models. 

4 Men's Watch Styles You Need in Your Collection

For instance, tracking your workouts is easy with digital watches since they can record distance and time. You can use your digital watch to track your progress, whether you run every day or

spend hours in the gym. You can also check your heart rate with some digital watches. This makes them the best watch option for athletes.

A digital timepiece provides more than just a wristwatch for athletes; it can also be used by adventure-seekers who enjoy exploring the outdoors. Some watches come with waterproof and shockproof features, GPS, and reflector displays, which are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. 

  1. Dress Watch 

Watch collectors need to have a dress watch as it’s one of the most basic yet elegant timepieces available. Designed only for telling the time, dress watches are never pretentious, and they can be worn with many outfits. If you’re feeling dressy, simple, casual, or sporty, a dress watch is a great pick for any day. Just remember the mistakes to avoid when buying men’s watches, and you’ll be safe with a dress watch. 

This type of watch is characterized by its thin case, which allows it to be easily slipped under your dress shirt’s cuffs. You can wear it in the office, making you feel comfortable moving around as you go about your  daily tasks.

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In the past, dress watches were paired with tuxedos and formal attires. But, fast forward to today, many men have discovered that they still look fantastic with casual jeans and polo shirts. These elegant watches can be an excellent addition to your watch collection if you want something of superior craftsmanship.

4 Men's Watch Styles You Need in Your Collection2
  1. Pilot Watch 

Also referred to as an aviator watch, the pilot watch will be an excellent addition to your watch collection as well. In early models, fluorescent indexes were oversized for optimal readability regardless of lighting conditions. Their design enabled even gloved operators to operate them. But, although watches are no longer used for aviation navigation, watch enthusiasts can still choose from a comprehensive line of beautiful pilot watches. And, depending on your budget and preferences, you’ll be able to find the best model for your collection.

Watches have evolved alongside aviation. The dials and cases appear large in later designs, with white Arabic numerals contrasting against black enamel dials. Due to their long straps, these watches could easily be worn over a flight jacket, ensuring the pilot’s complete protection.

The purpose-driven design language of most classic aviators’ watches sets them apart from other styles. Many collectors or watch wearers might perceive aviator watches as archaic, but there’s no doubt that they can be must-have collector’s items for watch lovers like you. 

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There are many reasons why you should wear a watch. Timepieces evolve, but collecting different types and models allows you to preserve their value for many years. You can’t go wrong with any of the fantastic watches listed above. They’re surely great additions to your existing watch collection. You’ll surely keep them for a long time, of course, with proper care and maintenance.

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