10 Gift Ideas for The Most Stylish Guy You Know

10 Gift Ideas for The Most Stylish Guy You Know

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the most stylish man in your life? 

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With so many choices, it’s tough to decide what to get him. But, don’t worry, we have some great ideas about what he’ll love most.

Keep on reading to learn more about some of the gift ideas that will make him look and feel his best.

1. Personalised Pocket Watches

Personalised pocket watches are one of the best gifts you can give to that stylish guy in your life.

A timeless gift, Engravers Guild Personalised Pocket Watches are elegant and you can pass them down through generations. If you have a special occasion or anniversary, consider upgrading your guy’s timepiece with engraving.

There are various styles, such as Roman numerals. It will make his day, but it’ll also help him keep track of time, making it easier to show up on time for any event or meeting.

2. Killshot 2 Trainers: Nike

If your guy likes a bit of flair, then killshot 2 trainers are perfect.

With a sleek black colour and snazzy red detailing, these kicks have a timeless style that will last through many more nights out with friends. And at $140–$200, they’re not breaking your bank either.

Nike React Infinity Run FK 2 BeTrue

3. Casual wear pants

If he is a big fan of denim, Levi’s 501 jeans are a go-to. They’re durable, hard-wearing and timeless. Wearing them with white sneakers or deck shoes brings a relaxed look.

For something more formal, try a pair of khakis. Remember that your goal is to find something that matches his unique style.

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4. Classic Bedale Waxed Cotton Jacket

We all know a stylish guy looking to add some classic, casual pieces to his wardrobe. For many of us guys, that means a little waxed cotton for our day-to-day lives—it’s durable and warm enough to keep us feeling good during most winter days.

So, a Classic Bedale Waxed Cotton Jacket should do. It looks great with jeans or khakis and doesn’t go out of style with its timeless silhouette.

5. Heritage Ring

Guys love their rings and watches. Suppose you want to give him something he’ll wear every day, look no further than a customised ring.

It is a thoughtful gift that will make him feel special every time he looks at it. Engrave your initials on his watch to make it even more unique.

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6. Slim wallet

A slim wallet is essential to any stylish guy’s arsenal. Why carry around many unnecessary cards and receipts when you can keep them all in one place?

So, if he doesn’t have one already, get him a slim, high-quality leather wallet that will age beautifully as it gets banged around over time.

7. Brown Woven Leather Belt

A classic is always a classic and you can’t go wrong with a brown belt. A leather belt will last as long as your guy needs it and won’t ever feel outdated.

This one is woven, so that adds some visual interest and flair. It’s also adjustable to fit him perfectly in no time flat.

8. Fragrance

The scent is perhaps one of men’s most essential accessories. Of course, new cologne or aftershave should do the trick for any stylish guy on your list.

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But, if you’re looking to splurge, consider gifting a special type of fragrance. A handsome timepiece like that will make him feel like James Bond—and he can even use it to tell time.

9. Sunglasses and case

Classic aviators won’t go out of style and they’re always a safe gift. Getting your giftee an engraved pair reminds him about you every time he looks in his mirror when he wears them.

ANDREA Serengeti Sunglasses

10. Personalised monogrammed Bracelet

A branded, high-quality bracelet is a timeless gift that any stylish guy will love. Pick one engraved with his initials or monogram and he’ll be able to wear it every day—it’s sure to be an heirloom piece.

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