Burberry Men's Resort 2023 London cover

Burberry Men’s Resort 2023 London

For the Burberry Men’s Resort 2023 London there are a lot of strong pieces and full outfits.

You know, it’s good. It’s Riccardo Tisci at his best. I’m just still not convinced this is what people want from Burberry.

There’s some really nice pieces hidden behind the questionalbe styling choices. Could’ve done without that denim thing on MCB in look 3 and maxi denim skirt man. But, yeah, agree with the others as I still have trouble reading it as Burberry if you take away the namesake print/pattern.

That final cardigan would have been nice and refined in plain black to show off the hardware without the random barnyard animal themed imagery. Did that occur to him inside a Gucci store or something?

An exploration of duality, the collection provides modern takes on classic British design along with refreshed outerwear.

@RiccardoTisci17 partnered with friend and artist @JaredPhilipBuckhiester on the collection, the second in the series of creative partnerships on his pre-collections called Friends and Family that invites collaborators to interpret the Burberry identity established since Tisci joined the house.

Some of the men (the last two, the guy with the stool) have a weird Magic Mike stripper vibe, but I can’t tell if it’s the models or the outfits — maybe just the hats.

Photography and styling by @JaredPhilipBuckhiester
Hair by @Soichiinagaki 
Make-up by @AnneSophieCosta

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