4 Major Types of Academic Writings to Write Them Correctly

4 Major Types of Academic Writings to Write Them Correctly

Academic essay writing is a compulsory academic assignment for all students and college students. Writing tasks help to develop writing skills and other academic skills required in writing an academic essay or any other academic papers.

4 Major Types of Academic Writings to Write Them Correctly

Academic writing comes in different forms. Moreover, these forms are frequently changed. Thus, learners need to learn about the latest changes from inquiry to academic writing 4th edition, 5th edition, and so on. In order to synonym academic writing with various functions, skills, and ways of thinking, educators divided it into various types. Each type focuses on a certain purpose to develop certain skills and teach students something useful. There are 4 major types, and this informative blog post reviews them all.


The descriptive type offers you a pretty obvious general aim. You need to describe something or someone. This can be done with the help of describing feelings, emotions, physical qualities, and something similar to them. Thanks to this essay academic writing type, a writer creates a special atmosphere that delivers the author’s main message.


Many academic writing essays are written analytically. Its primary purpose is to analyze and systemize information. To do this type correctly, you need to use several features in the text about your research topic. Here are the things you should always add to your analytical papers:

  • Analysis;
  • Examination;
  • Comparing and contrasting;
  • Relating.
4 Major Types of Academic Writings to Write Them Correctly

These 4 foundations help to reveal the main essence of a certain case, problem, phenomenon, character, situation, and so on. Be sure to start and end your paper according to the hierarchy we have mentioned in the list. It helps to state your viewpoint clearly.

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Students frequently write persuasive papers. The main aim of this type is to convince your readers that your viewpoint is correct. This should be done with the help of clear and convincing facts, examples, proof, etc. You should select one argument and stick to it until the paper is written and your main idea is disclosed.

For example, you may have to write an essay about academic writing by using a persuasive writing style. Your goal may be to convince your readers that academic writing helps them become successful students who get bright job perspectives.


The 4th type is crucial academic writing. It is also very popular and frequently assigned by teachers and professors. It is similar to the persuasive type. Nonetheless, the main difference is to take into account other points of view as well.

4 Major Types of Academic Writings to Write Them Correctly

For example, academic writing for graduate students is commonly written with the help of a critical style. When you write this piece, you should clarify why your standpoint is correct. In the meanwhile, you need to argue it from the opposite position. It is done to predict the possible questions of your readers to answer them all. You explain that other opinions can exist, but they are incorrect.

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